Saints Row 2 Is Now Backwards Compatible For The Xbox One
Saints Row 2

The last good Saints Row game is now backwards compatible for the Xbox One. Saints Row 2 was a no-holds-barred, completely unfiltered, open-world sandbox game that left nothing to chance and was filled to the brim with the sort of content that would force today’s journalist into tiny little safe space pen, filled with urine-soiled balls.

The news about Saints Row 2 being made available as a backwards compatible title was spread about via Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb. He tweeted out about the game to inform Xbox One owners that they can play Volition’s last good game right now.

Many gamers who aren’t Liberals, Socialists, feminists, or soy-consumers also pointed out in the Twitter thread that Saints Row 2 is indeed the best out of the bunch.

It was a game that finally had the series come into its own, and dare I say was possibly even better at capturing the crude humor of the fictional world while balancing it with worthwhile action better than Rockstar during that era.

I put in dozens upon dozens of hours into Saints Row 2, opposite of Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4, given that the latter two tried way too hard to appeal to SJWs.

Saints Row 2 - The Ronin

The second game had a grim, take-no-prisoners storyline filled with gruesome violence, uncompromising deaths, and some of the coolest villains featured in an open-world shooter. In fact, to this day, I still think about how well Volition managed to make characters Mr. Sunshine seem like a threatening and stylish underboss. These days all villains have to be politically correct, or can’t be a certain race otherwise the crazies who make up the Regressive Left will whine about it to their 9,000 delusional followers on Twitter, half of whom are made up of Russian porn bots and beta orbiters so degenerate they were kicked out of the Harry Potter BDSM club.

Anyway, if you couldn’t afford a real PC gaming rig and you have an aversion to fun so you keep away from Nintendo, then you probably settled for an Xbox One and one of the few games worth playing on it is Saints Row 2. It’s definitely worth checking out and the only Saints Row game you should ever play.


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