Sakuna: Of Rice And Rain Trailer Features Boss Fights And Farm Simulation
Sakuna of Rice and Rain

Honey Parade Games and Edelweiss released a new trailer for Sakuna: Of Rice and Rain, the hybrid farming-adventure game where you attempt to plant and harvest food, as well as battle enemies in a Feudal-style setting of Japan.

The new trailer covers the combat and platforming aspects of Sakuna: Of Rice and Rain, such as being able to grapple through caves and dodging endless pits. You’ll also use your kunoichi skills to combat foes, unleashing beat-’em-up style combos on enemies in order to subdue them. Mastering the different combos and unlocking new abilities will allow you to take on bigger and badder foes while also honing your skills as a farming ninja.

But the game isn’t a parody of the genre – it’s legitimate in its difficulty and challenges as a fighting game with platforming, all while also combining those elements with the farming simulation. Halfway through the trailer you see Sakuna tilling the ground and planting the seeds for the harvest.

You’ll have to keep the farm clean, make sure that once all the rice and crops are planted, you’ll later have to head back out into the field once they’re all grown out and reap what you’ve sown.

You’ll need to gather the harvest string it up and store it for later.

In order to acquire more goods you’ll have to venture out into the land, defeat enemies, gather supplies and bring them back to your farm.

There’s a healthy mix of combing 2.5D gameplay with traditional farm simulation elements. I don’t know how well this will appeal to farming sim addicts who just like to plant wheat and roll around in big farm machinery, just the same as I don’t know how well it’ll appeal to platforming fanatics who just want to bop heads and perform infinite aerial combos. It is pretty cool that Honey Parade Games and Edelweiss are at least experimenting with the possibilities of combining two very unlikely genres together in Sakuna: Of Rice and Rain.

No release date has been set yet, but it is set to come out for PS4 in Japan under the Marvelous Entertainment publishing label, and on PC under the XSeed Games label here in the West. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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