Sakura Sadist Now Available With Downloadable Uncensored Patch
Sakura Sadist

Winged Cloud’s Sakura Sadist is currently available right now on Steam for $9.99. During the first week of being on sale the game is discounted by 25% off, so you can grab a copy for $7.49.

Obviously the game is censored on Steam since the current crop of Valve employees seem to be more scared of that juicy breasts and thighs than vegan soy boys. Nevertheless, for men who have a taste for some real thick meat, you can see all the fleshy lusciousness in all its uncensored glory thanks to an uncensored patch that you can download from the Winged Cloud website.

If you need a bit of help installing the uncensored 18+ patch, there’s a quick guide made available over on Steam Uncensored.

  • Simply download the assets.rpa file.
  • Copy the assets.rpa file into the steamapps/common/Sakura Sadist/game/ folder
  • Click “Yes” to overwrite the existing file.
  • Boot up the game and enjoy the uncensored version of Sakura Sadist.

Sakura Sadist - Panty Shot

The actual game is a typical romance yuri VN. It revolves around student Azusa, who has a crush on the most beautiful girl in the school named Matsubara Mamiko.

While Azusa believes that she’ll never be able to hook up with Mamiko because they’re from two different social classes, she’s visited one day by a mysterious girl named Venus, who has the ability to make Azusa’s dream come true. However, Azusa must prove that she has an undying love for Mamiko, in order to finally fulfill her Yuri desires.

The game doesn’t have many romance options given the obvious plot of the game, but Winged Cloud does note that there are some small decisions that can be made throughout the story that can influence different endings.

You can grab the uncensored 18+ patch right now, and if you’re inclined to purchase the game from the Steam store you can do so for $9.99. Alternatively you can acquire some of Winged Cloud’s content directly from their Patreon account.


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