Shadow Of Adam, Retro RPG Preps For Nintendo Switch Launch
Shadows of Adam

Circle Entertainment and Something Classic Games announced that Shadow of Adam, the retro-themed, 16-bit style role-playing game that originally launched on Steam for PC back in the early first half of 2017 for $14.99. The classically made game is now set to launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime soon in the future.

The game is designed to mimic the old-school classic JRPGs that were oh-so-popular back during the SNES days. You’ll play through the game, fighting through intense battle encounters, traversing a fantasy world, utilizing a skyship to get around the overworld, and defeating bosses in turned-based battles.

In fact, if you didn’t readily see that the game was on the Nintendo Switch, you would likely assume that Shadow of Adam was made for the SNES or Sega Genesis.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for the title below to get an idea as to what it’s like in action.

That HQX2 filter really helps smooth out the jaggies along the edges of the sprites. It doesn’t look bad for what it’s aiming to accomplish, assuming you enjoy 16-bit style retro RPGs.

The story itself is themed around the children of the legendary Ozario, who venture out on their own to find their missing father in order to save the world after he went missing a decade earlier. As a rising power of evil encroaches on the land the kids must hone their own skills and refine their abilities through the fire of battle.

Something Classic Games decided to overhaul aspects of the classic turn-based genre by including mechanics to support faster turns and more strategic planning.

The game will also focus a lot on exploration, puzzle-solving and a few mini-games along the way.

Shadow of Adam clocks in at around 12 hours of play, and has four playable heroes, synth-inspired tunes from the 1990s, and a save anywhere feature.

You can look for the game to launch soon for the Nintendo Switch.


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