Solo: A Star Wars Story Gets Off To Horrible $35.6 Million Start; Fails In China
Solo A Star Wars Story Box Office Bomb

After garnering $14 million on a Thursday preview, and fully opening on Friday, May 26th, 2018, Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story has jump-started off the box office line with a stutter and cough, racking in a total of only $35.6 million, according to a report from Forbes.

The editorialized news story doesn’t paint a picture where the film is precluded from hitting $1 billion dollars in total domestic box office revenue, but it does paint a picture where there’s a foreboding box office omen looming overhead where Forbes believes it would be a bad look if Solo topped out under a $600 million domestic gross.

The article also doesn’t seem to predicate much success on the potential overseas intake, noting that Star Wars in this day and age just isn’t that popular with foreign audiences as other franchises… like The Fast & The Furious.

With a bloated budget (after reshoots and marketing) topping out at around $300 million, a weekend intake of $115 million means it’s still a ways off from making back its budget, and usually revenue dwindles rapidly every week the movie is in theaters, unless it’s a box office smash hit.

In fact, according to the LA Times, Disney is already warning investors that Solo may not live up to what paltry expectations were already set for it. The company actually slashed its estimates down to a four-day $115 million weekend including Memorial Day on Monday. That’s a sharp downturn from the $150 million box office estimates that Disney had originally set for the film, and a near 23% slash on what they had originally hoped for.

Even more than that, the overseas story paints a really dire picture. In China the film opened to just $3 million, and is expected to take in barely $10 million over the weekend, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Solo‘s failure in China is no surprise, given that Star Wars: The Last Jedi also failed in China.

The whole film was marred by negative fan responses to Alden Ehrenreich cast as Han Solo, and the fact that Disney has been consistently sabotaging the legacy of Star Wars by interjecting unwanted and badly depicted propaganda in the newer films since the re-emergence of the franchise in the 2015 outing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

If fans continue to spread the word that they dislike the direction that Disney is taking with Star Wars, purposefully miscasting key characters and turning out less-than-interesting movies themed around inconsistent story arcs, then it won’t be long before the Star Wars brand becomes an unprofitable and unloved brand.


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