Star Citizen Effects Limiter Will Add Random Space Anomalies During Exploration
Star Citizen

The latest episode for Around the Verse was released for Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen. The episode starts by going over what new features are being ironed out for alpha 3.2., where-as the last half of the episode is about the Starlifter line of spaceships currently in development.

The episode clocks in at just over half an hour, giving gamers a look at plenty of new assets in the pipeline, and work being done on some of the luxury liners, space bombers, and carriers within the Starlifter line. You can check it out below.

They’ve improved fade ins and fade outs for the MobiGlas as you access apps and popping up and projecting the MobiGlas app.

They’re also improving the kiosks so that they will show animations and some virtual depictions of ships, armor and weapons, so players can see what they’re like and how they animate before making a purchase.

One of the new features that they’re working on is the effects splicing limiter, which will expand and contract visual effects in order to create random space anomalies during travel. These anomalies can range from lightning storms to gaseous clouds and everything else in between.

Star Citizen - Starlifter

Additionally, there are new procedurally created volumes consisting of a variety of entities. These volumes allow the art team to utilize a prefabricated library to fill out the outposts, hangars, and rooms that players will encounter across the persistent universe. So basically, it means you can select a volume that has various barricades or light structures, or there are some volumes that consist of a specific layout of food and utensils, etc., etc.

These features will be implemented in alpha 3.2, assuming everything goes according to schedule.

Star Citizen - Starlifter Genesis

The video then moves on toward discussing the design of the Starlifter and its variants, which includes a carrier that can hold two tanks inside or plenty of cargo, a bomber variant that is decked out with guns, and a luxury passenger variant.

There’s also some short discussions about other ships in development before wrapping up the episode.

You can keep track of the development and the roadmap for Star Citizen’s features by visiting the official website.


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