State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
State of Decay 2 Walkthrough

Undead Labs and Microsoft’s State of Decay 2 is finally here for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The game takes place in an open-world environment where you must survive in a zombie apocalypse while rescuing survivors, rebuilding civilization, and scavenging for supplies. If you’re in a desperate bid for help, there are some walkthrough guides available for State of Decay 2.

YouTuber GameRiot has up a series of walkthrough videos for State of Decay 2, giving you a walkthrough of the basics, as well as what you’ll need to do in order to survive effectively. You can check it out below.

State of Decay 2 Character Selection

At the very start of the game you’ll be able to choose between starting a new community or managing existing communities. You can also to look over the tutorial before diving into the game.

So when you’re ready to start the game, click on “New Community”. This will take you to a tutorial scenario where you’ll be able to choose who your starting characters will be. Unfortunately you won’t be able to modify the characters, but their names will randomize every time you start a new community, along with their traits and their proficiencies.

You’ll be able to choose a brother and sister duo – consisting of a black girl and a black man. There are two old buddies – consisting of a straight Asian male and a straight white male. There’s an odd couple composed of two polar opposite characters who fell in love after the apocalypse struck – it’s a straight white couple, in case you were wondering.

State of Decay 2 - Choose Your Character

Unfortunately, there are also some obvious virtue signaling elements in the game as well, including the proverbial SJW black, lesbian female who doesn’t need no man. Literally, there’s a black lesbian and her white girlfriend under the “Perpetual Breakup” couple.

Gameriot, wanting to virtue signal how “woke” he is as a typical Social Justice-whipped YouTuber, chose to play as the black lesbian female and her white girlfriend.

State of Decay 2 Controls

After you select your character a short cinematic will play featuring the character you selected. No matter which characters you select, it will always result in going through the army base refugee tutorial.

Once you get into the army refugee camp, some zombies will be inside and will begin to attack you. Press ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to attack the zombies. Keep attacking your target until they’re killed. You will need to monitor your stamina while attacking, because if you keep attacking you’ll run out of stamina and then your attacks won’t be as effective.

Use the Right Trigger plus ‘X’ to finish off zombies that are still crawling around on the ground.

Press ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to dodge attacks.

You’ll need to spend a lot of your time looting. Press ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to search for items.

Press Left Bumper while searching to do a fast search to speed up the searching process. However, fast-searching will create a lot of noise and can alert zombies.

The Right Bumper will allow you to quick-use items in your quick-inventory. It’s located at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, next to your health and stamina bar.

Use the left and right digital pad to cycle through usable items.

In dark areas you can press in the left analog stick to activate your flashlight.

Move through the refugee camp and collect items the glowing boxes, cabinets, and storage boxes.

Press down on the digital pad to open your inventory. You can assign different items to your main hand and off-hand, as well as melee and projectile weapons.

Follow the linear pathways through the refugee camp until you reach the stealth segment. Use the Right Trigger and ‘X’ to stealth kill zombies from behind. Once you interact with the screamer you’ll encounter a short cinematic where a soldier will save your duo.

You’ll need to reach the doctor, who will give you a pistol and you’ll need to kill the blood zombie in the cage. Once you get out you’ll need to talk to Sawyer, the soldier, and they’ll ask you where you should go next. You’ll have the choice of visiting the foothills, the plateau or the valley.

State of Decay 2 - Destinations

Sawyer will have you to drive. You can get in and out of cars just like in Grand Theft Auto using the ‘Y’ button on the Xbox controller. You can accelerate using the right trigger, and decelerate using the left trigger.

Once you unlock the next mission “A New Home”, you’ll have the option of inviting your friends to play with you online, or to setup a private online session, or you can play offline. Additionally, you can make changes to the multiplayer settings in the options menu at any time.

Wherever you go, you’ll need to secure a building for your home place by killing all the zombies in the house.

Once you search all the rooms and clear out all the zeds, you can then hold down ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to claim the home.

Move in to save the game.

Your next goal is to reach the cell tower so you can survey the area.

Climb up the ladder and when you reach the top aim the gun to look at the objects within the immediate area to identify the points of interests, as well as some of the vehicles and resources within the area.

Once you survey all the buildings and objects with question marks on them, you can then proceed to scavenge nearby buildings.

Inside one of the utility shacks you should find a package of lumber, which is necessary for your first quest mission.

Keep in mind that carrying large objects will drain your stamina quicker, so avoid getting engaged in heavy battles.

Once you bring the items back to your base, drop them off inside the home and then proceed to build the infirmary.

To build, construct and evolve your base, go into the settings menu and then tap the Right Bumper until you move over to the Base section.

State of Decay 2 - Base Building

State of Decay 2: How To Build A Base

If you have enough materials you’ll be able to build new compartments and sections onto your base. In order to do so, go into the Base menu from the inventory screen and select one of the empty slots from the blueprint. If you don’t have an empty slot you’ll need to remove one of the existing slots by clicking on them and deleting them.

Once you select the area where you want to build the infirmary, click on it and highlight the infirmary. Proceed to build it and it will show up in that area of your base. You can head to the infirmary and for any character that is sick, damaged, or dying, you can select for them to check in in order to stabilize them.

Now stabilizing victims of the blood plague is not curing them. You’ll have to find actual cures in order to help remedy their ailments. If you cannot cure their ailments, you will have to kill them before the plague spreads throughout the rest of your community.

If you mark a vehicle on your map, be sure to go visit the location of the vehicle. There should be a couple of packs of lumber on your way to the vehicle located within crates and cabinets. If you find an SUV you can actually open up the back of the vehicle and place heavy supplies inside the vehicle for transport.

There’s also an abandoned clinic where you can gather some medical supplies. You can use the medical supplies to help survivors who are suffering from the blood plague.

You don’t have to take the supplies out of the back of the vehicle, you can simply park the vehicle in the car park and then automatically transfer the resources to the base by pressing the Right Trigger.

Talk to your new neighbor

YouTuber MKIceandFire has an alternative walkthrough that takes place in the foothills, in case you were wondering where the best spots to loot are and if you were curious how the game changes if you decide to play as some straight, white males.

Another mission will see you needing to talk an illegal immigrant living nearby. He’ll inform you about infestations, which can start if a screamer lures more walkers to their position. You’ll have to take out the screamer and the other nearby zombies to clear out the infestation nests.

An infestation nest will appear on your map, and you can talk to Paul to briefly recruit him to your party so you can go kill the screamer and take out the infestation nest.

Clear out the nest and then head back to the base.


Collect Plague Zombie Sample

Your next mission is to collect tissue samples from multiple plague zobies.

The plague zombie location is marked on your map.

If you have a vehicle you can simply run over the plague zombies and pick up the samples that drop on the ground. You only need two samples to create the cure.

Grab the supplies and then head back to your base. Go inside and open the supply locker and move the plague samples over to the locker. Head to the infirmary and then craft the plague zombie cure. Administer the cure to a plague zombie victim to cure them of the infection.

Destroy The Plague Heart

Your next mission is to destroy the plague heart. However, you might want to use your gathered supplies to build a crafting workshop. This will allow you to craft consumables and explosives, which you’ll need to destroy the plague heart.

No matter where you start, the mission progression will stay the same. When you arrive at the plague heart location, you’ll need to sneak inside and use explosives on the plague heart. It will take a handful of explosives to destroy the heart. If you don’t have enough explosives to kill them, use your melee or projectile weapons to finish off the heart. And yes, you can use melee weapons to kill the plague heart.

When you kill the plague heart, you’ll be able to claim the location as an outpost in order to use it as an extension of your base. One good thing about claiming outposts is that you can use them to switch characters as well as to store your resources.

Also be sure to scavenge the area to collect the resources in the area.

Once you finish the mission, the neighbor you encounter will ask to join your team. While an extra helping hand will give you some aid in fighting off zombies, keep in mind that the more people you have in your base the more resources they consume.

One way to compensate for adding additional people to your base is that you can build a garden at your base. A garden will open up the ability to farm, which can in turn help stabilize your food supplies.

Your next task is to promote a character to a leadership position to help give direction for your outpost.

In order to promote a leader they need high enough influence, which you’ll acquire from completing missions and advancing the outpost. Also, you’ll gain more than 50 standing when you defend the outpost from a zombie attack, and you’ll gain extra influence every time you kill a zombie that attacks your base.

Also if you retrieve the vehicle that ran out of gas at the beginning of the game, it contains lots of food and additional supplies to help you out.

If your military companion is selected you can perform their specific side-quest, the same as if you switch over to the companion character from the start of the game. Side-quest missions will earn you some extra loot. The military personnel on your team will have a side-quest to loot some sniper gear from a nearby stash. It’s worth doing as soon as possible in order to add some much-needed ammo to your supplies.

In order to improve morale you’ll need to clear out another infestation site nearby your base.

If you also need more missions, you can attempt to complete the side-quests from your fellow teammates.

If your team’s morale drops too low, you’ll need to take out a plague heart to increase their morale again.

As you level up the characters you’ll also be able to unlock new abilities for the characters, too.

As you progress through the area and expand your base as well as clear out infestations, you’ll receive radio calls for help from nearby neighbors, as well as additional missions to rescue civilians and survivors.

Once you assign a character to the Sheriff, you’ll be able to build larger facilities and upgrade your skills.

You’ll basically need to keep your group’s morale high while venturing further and further out, and establishing new outposts along the way. Things would likely go easier if you also team up with a real life player.


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