Steampunk Tower 2 Cheats Give You Infinity Money, Unlimited Steam
Steampunk Tower 2 Cheats

DreamGate’s Steampunk Tower 2 is an exercise in tower-defense strategy. Your goal is to defend a tower composed of turrets from an onslaught of mechanical enemies, air raids, and giant bosses. If you just can’t seem to get a leg up on challenges and need some help in progressing through the game, there are some cheats for that.

You can download the free and premium trainer for Steampunk Tower 2 from the page.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • +1,000 Money
  • Etherium +100
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Money -1,000
  • Etherium +500
  • Unlimited Steam
  • Experience +100
  • Level +1
  • Set Money To 0
  • Low Tower Health
  • Tower God Mode
  • Experience +1,000
  • Faster Attack Speed
  • Normal Attack Speed
  • Etherium -100

I have no idea why anyone would want to consistently use the cheats to deplete your etherium and your money, but if you really like making the challenges harder on yourself, I suppose those cheats are there for you to utilize.

A second, premium trainer is also available for download from over on the Cheat Happens page.

The trainer contains the following cheats for Steampunk Tower 2:

  • Increase Player Level
  • Infinite Tower Health
  • Infinite Cannon Ammo
  • Super Attack Speed
  • Slow Enemies
  • Super Speed
  • Infinite Cannon Stamina
  • Increase EXP
  • Increase Etherium
  • Increase Coal
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Free Cash
  • Increase Money
  • Increase Black Etherium
  • one Hit Kills

As you can see, majority of the cheats are about increasing your resources, amping up your money stash, and increasing your level.

The objective is to research and build new turrets, advance your prowess on the battlefield by utilizing special agents to acquire rare resources for you, and test new super weapons in order to find weaknesses in the enemy’s armor.

If you enjoy strategy games and tower-defense titles set in alternate historical periods featuring a wide selection of weapons, plenty of battles, and lots of uniquely designed but practical bosses, you can check out Steampunk Tower 2 over on the Steam store page where it’s currently available for $7.99.


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