Street Fighter V Cody Trailer Features Kenny Omega And A Lot Of Husbando Material
Cody Travers

If you dip into the comment section for the latest gameplay trailer reveal for Cody Travers in Capcom’s Street Fighter V, you might think you just stepped through the curtain and into the forum board for a hot male soap opera star occupied by a bunch of thirsty 30-something wives and has-been brides. But in reality, it’s just the FGC gushing all over Cody Travers after he ditched the prison duds and cleaned himself up to become the Mayor of Metro City.

The trailer is nearly three minutes long, starting off with a quick live-action clip of Cody being played by none other than the elite leader of the Bullet Club, Kenny Omega.

Omega doesn’t have much screen time in the trailer, and is all dressed up just to answer the phone and take a look at a nearby monitor, which then transitions into the actual gameplay for Street Fighter V, featuring a very dapper-dressed Cody. At the end of the trailer we see Omega pickup a lead pipe and exit the room after saying “Time to be the Mayor”.

The comment section didn’t hold back on talking about how sleek and sexy Cody looked in his clothes, sporting five different costumes, including his new default as the Mayor of Metro City, an homage to Mike Haggar’s outfit from Final Fight, his old prison clothes, a white tuxedo ala James Bond, and his classic t-shirt and jeans getup.

I imagine for some male gamers there’s a lot of jealousy, while for others there are confused movements in the zipper region.For the most part, though, everyone is absolutely ecstatic about Cody’s new moveset, which I must admit looks fan-darn-tastic.

Street Fighter 5 - Cody as Mike Haggar

Eventhubs captured a few screenshots of his combos in action, and he has such a smooth style.

That feint after the sliding kick at the 0:59 mark is just a thing of beauty. Also the counter air-juggle at 1:08 mark with the sweeping jump kick is slicker than butter on a Cammy cosplayer’s booty.

Cody also has some really good, solid neutrals into grabs that will make him a likely dangerous opponent during mid-screen mixups.

I do think that it’s pretty hypocritical, though, that they made Cody all sexy for the ladies (and a few of the guys, too) and have him baring his chests, flexing his pecs, and showing off his man panties in that Haggar getup, but they force all the ladies to get censored up and down like its haram whenever it comes to EVO broadcasts. What’s up with that?

Anyway, you can look to get your hands on June 26th for PC and PS4.


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