Swimming in a Fish Bowl, Year After Year? Feudal Alloy’s Probably Your Thing
Swimming FIsh Bowl

I refuse to believe able-bodied robots roamed the land circa the middle ages. And even if they did, the fact that they were controlled by highly conscious fishes in bowls just seems very unlikely to me.

Feudal Alloy however would like to brand me maverick; in fact, it goes so far as to narrate the legend of a sunflower field-dwelling farmer robot called Attu. Attu lived the perfect life apparently, before being marauded by a bunch of outlaws who took a little more than his oil.

The fish-head fled into the wilderness, sword slung over his bowl and all that.

Absolutely preposterous, I know, but you’ll have noticed by now that Feudal Alloy features metroidvania-style dynamic action; the game’s vastly role-playing world of mad bosses takes pride in their arsenal of grenades and other-worldly contraptions.

Attu seems intellectually advanced to the point that an inventory system lets him salvage the junk his escapades bring him, combining them into a plethora of frankly stunning equipment sets.

Thankfully motherboards exist in this alternate medieval-era just the same, meaning you can mix and match to activate skills. Players will be able to deck themselves in various sets on the go, providing for situation-specific attributes in all instances of combat.

What do you think about this boss?

What do you think about this boss? FeudalAlloy.com #screenshotsaturday

Posted by Feudal Alloy on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Trade seems like an option too and while it seems like you’ll certainly be stopping for a drink every now and then, the world is large enough to demand a map and fast travel  should your knees get rusty.

Filled with tons of hand-drawn loot and collectables even. Speaking of hand-drawn, all communication within this species of advanced marine life proceeds in the form of bubble-style animations.

One of our cutscenes

Check out one of our cutscenes in #FeudalAlloy. Hope you like it!https://store.steampowered.com/app/699670

Posted by Feudal Alloy on Thursday, May 3, 2018

The swashbuckling music I’m enjoying too given how it takes me back to the old days of Runescape. If you trouble the developers on social media for a definite Q3 2018 release date, they’ll respond saying that they’ll let you know with a smile.

Still, you’ll find them on Steam.


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