Taki Arrives Uncensored In Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI contains Taki as a playable character in the ever-expanding roster. Known by many names, like the Hunter of Darkness, the dangerous ninja appears uncensored and wields her famous pair of Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru in battle. Soul Calibur VI is set to release this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

A fan favorite in the Soul series and fighting games alike comes Taki. Making a striking debut in the first game of the series, Soul Edge or Soul Blade, Taki has appeared in all the following games with the exception of Soul Calibur V.

In addition to the above, Taki was replaced by her student Natsu, who was looking for her master (Taki). Well, if you are in search for her, too, there’s no need to look any further given that a new character reveal has hit the scene showing off her assets and melee prowess.

Using speed and quick attacks coupled with a lot of air strikes, Taki is both a dangerous and technical opponent according to her move-set revealed below. You can check out Taki’s latest trailer that shows off her moves and special attack (at 0:35) thanks to YouTuber Wonkey and 876TV.

Eager fans looking to unravel who will be released next for Soul Calibur VI might be able to look at DasVergeben list that supposedly sees playable fighters like Maxi, Talim, Cassandra, Astaroth, and Tira all set to make a return.

Keep in mind that the current list floating around is a rumor, and we don’t know for sure if any of it is true, only time will tell whether or not Bandai Namco and producer Motohiro Okubo will bring those characters to Soul Calibur VI.

Lastly, Soul Calibur VI has no specific release date as of this writing. The fighting game, however, is slated to release sometime this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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