THQ Nordic Has BioMutant And Darksiders 3 Release Under Evaluation

Not too long ago, THQ Nordic announced that both BioMutant and Darksiders 3 might release in 2018 or could be pushed back like Metro: Exodus. Additionally, BioMutant and Darksiders 3 are currently scheduled to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The news of THQ Nordic announcing that Metro: Exodus, the once 2018 slated FPS post-apocalyptic game, is now ready to ship sometime during the first quarter of 2019 came as a shocker to many gamers.

It’s worth noting that Metro: Exodus wasn’t the only game planned to release in 2018, though. If you recall, THQ Nordic had announced that both BioMutant and Darksiders 3 were to release this year, too.

Although we don’t have a definitive answer behind both BioMutant and Darksiders 3 release, we do know that both games could change from a tentative 2018 launch to something else according to a recent statement made by THQ Nordic.

The statement made about the two games expected to launch this year reads that they are “still under evaluation for setting a release date,” as posted on

I bet you’re wondering what all of this means, right? Well, either BioMutant and Darksiders 3 will release this year or hop aboard the delay train. The good news is that THQ Nordic will be at Gamescom Cologn, Germany, and will likely offer an update on what we can expect.

The bad news is that Gamescom 2018 isn’t due to kick-off until late August, which means that we’ll have to go through all of E3 2018  (an event THQ Nordic will not be attending) to see what the company has planned in the next three months.

What you can take away from all of this is that don’t be shocked if word comes out that BioMutant and Darksiders 3 face a delay in the future for better polish. With all of that said, what games are you looking forward to coming out in the years 2018 and 2019?


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