TPCast Partners With Infinadeck For Wireless VR Treadmill Solution
TPCast Infinadeck

One of the biggest complaints about VR is that the locomotion isn’t very accurate; you’re oftentimes relying on teleportation in most games to get around, and you can rarely ever run or move as fluently or as gracefully as you can with the controller. Well, TPCast is hoping to provide gamers with a solution to this problem by teaming up with Infinadeck, the makers of the hands-free VR treadmill.

The collaboration may have been announced recently, but it the culmination will come to fruition at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup set to take place on May 16th. At the end of the month the collaborative efforts between TPCast and Infinadeck will be further demonstrated at the AWE Conference between May 30th and June 1st.

Over on the official TPCast website, Udi Yuhjtman, TPCAST’s North American general manager, explained that the partnership is forward-looking, and that both companies have plans on using this as a way to further enhance the hardware powering VR software…

“We are excited to partner with leading vendors in the Virtual Reality market and contribute and enhance the Virtual Reality world. Infinadeck provides a key component and feature that will enable many new applications and capabilities and we look forward to cooperate with many other applications”.

Infinadeck + TPCast Wireless Treadmill Solution

TPCast is a wireless solution for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s a battery-operated alternative that allows you to untether yourself from the clunky wires and focus on having free movement with the VR headsets.

The Infinadeck is similar to the Omni-Treadmill, insofar that you can replace locomotion from the VR wands with actual motion from your own two legs, allowing you to move around friendly in any direction.

The TPCast is fairly expensive, clocking in at $299 for the VR headsets. While it offers some great functionality, it also comes at a hefty price.

The Infinadeck doesn’t have a price tag yet, and the only way to find out what the pricing solution is is to contact the makers.

Basically, this is a step closer toward making VR more mechanically operable for standard games, but it’s still too expensive and a long ways off from being a viable consumer product for the masses.


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