TSA Frisky Demo Available On Steam, But It Doesn’t Let You Sexually Harass People
TSA Frisky

Out There Entertainment’s VR simulation game, TSA Frisky, seems like the sort of title that would be released under the Illusion publishing title, allowing you to check for dangerous passengers before allowing them to board the plane by lifting up their skirts or pulling down their tops, similar to VR Kanojo. However, those sort of licentious acts are nowhere to be found in Out There Entertainment’s TSA Frisky, which is surprisingly tame despite its cheeky name.

The company announced that a demo is currently available for download over on the Steam store.

The game is themed around checking the luggage of passengers. You’ll have to open their cases, purses, backpacks, and use the metal detector to lightly frisk, as indicated in the trailer below.

One thing you might have noticed is missing from the trailer: the ability to thoroughly feel up the passengers with your VR wands.

That’s right, you won’t be able to sexually harass anyone like a real like TSA officer or get in some good feels, touching, pokes, or gropes.

I mean, if you want to train people to feel uncomfortable in the name of safety so that they can feel comfortable while flying, Out There Entertainment should have gone all-in and gave people the full American TSA experience, complete with genital fondling, and nether-region groping.

Heck, if they really wanted to give gamers a full jolly good time they could have it setup where the NPCs start crying after you lift up their skirt and take a grab at the ‘ole hoo-ha to unlock the “Serious Business” achievement, just like in the video below.

There’s nothing like feeling violated all in the name of protecting your freedom, eh?

Look, the only way to stop terrorists who hate freedom is by giving up your freedom to travel by air without being fondled.

I think Out There Entertainment could have gone the extra mile and included the special “Patriot Patdown” achievement that includes a full cavity search. I’m sure including this little feature will give plenty of former TSA victims a good little jog down memory lane.

You can look for the full version of TSA Frisky to become available for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Windows Mixed Reality headsets starting May 17th. For more info feel free to visit the official Steam store page.


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