War Of Rights, Civil War Shooter Updated With New Skirmish Areas
War of Rights

The crowdfunded shooter game, War of Rights, has been receiving steady updates and new content since the playable backer version became available some time ago. The latest update adds a variety of new skirmish areas to the map, along with a few bug fixes.

The changelog was rolled out over on the official War of Rights forum, where they go through a short list of some of the changes, including the fourth skirmish area being Harper’s Ferry: Shenandoah Street.

You can get a brief glimpse of the riverside map with the screenshots below.

War of Rights - Shenandoah_Street_3

War of Rights – Shenandoah_Street_5

As you can see, there are plenty of open spaces to get picked off from a distance, just the same as there are plenty of houses and nearby obstructions to keep from getting popped in your head and letting the gravel-covered ground get a sweet taste of your milky-red brain juice.

Now the bug fixes for War of Rights have addressed some pretty important issues, such as improved bullet drop and bullet travel time across server-side calculations for shooting range targets. They’ve also improved the third-person animations, with proper directional looking from the characters along with enhanced melee modes. They’ve also reduced some of the clipping with the sword attacks as well.

War of Rights - 87th_Ohio

In a follow-up update on May 3rd, they also announced that they’ve reduced server crashing, added the 5th Alabama Battalion, the 87th Ohio regiment, and improved more of the first-person combat, animation smoothing, and the transitions between the animations while in first-person.

Now unlike a lot of other war games out there, you don’t have to worry about War of Rights trying to tick off the diversity checks. There are no minorities in the game and you don’t have to worry about them being added to the game. They’re keeping War of Rights as historically accurate as possible based on the battles that occurred during those regions at that time.

You can learn more about War of Rights by visiting the official website.


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