Weekly Recap May 12th: Kunkel’s Woeful Ballad Of The Dastardly Jason Schreier
Weekly Recap

This week’s headlining news was all about Jascon Schreier from Kotaku winning a Kunkel Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, only to face the wrath of Social Justice Warriors who chewed him up and spit him out after he gloated about the win on Twitter.

Some anti-#GamerGate individuals would say that Kotaku’s Jason Schreier was a hero for denouncing #GamerGate and bad-mouthing the Society of Professional Journalists all while being rewarded by the SPJ for good journalism. Others would call him an outright cowardly snake for trying to play up the spite of #GamerGate while accepting an award that the consumer revolt helped create.

Lo and behold, SJWs viewed Schreier’s winning a Kunkel for his journalism neither as a win for ethics, nor as a sign of improvement for video game journalism. Instead, SJWs forfeited the preterition of good effort and ethical reporting, and began scolding Schreier for not using his public platform to cede his straight male privilege as a tithe to the Oligarchs of Oppression.

Yes, the Matriachs of Emasculation — Leigh Alexander and Zoe Quinn —  derided Schreier for not claiming them to be the most oppressed and victimized targets of #GamerGate. Schreier’s underhanded victory lap against #GamerGate for winning an award for ethical journalism turned into a spiteful tale of scorn and enmity, thanks to SJWs.

Schreier’s woeful ballad was woven through the tears of the victimhood communists, where Schreier wasn’t even given room enough to be the typical poltroon in the face of a one-sided beatdown. No, instead of basking in the glory of good journalism, SJWs treated poor ‘ole Schreier like a milksop incarnation of Mussolini, and left him out to dry like a used tubesock on a Friday night at a frat house.

You can catch up on this and other stories in this May 12th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Overwatch League Lost 1.1 Million Viewers In April

For all of you who want to see SocJus-fueled propaganda die, it might be happening sooner rather than later to the Overwatch League. In April the once-popular e-sports pastime managed to lose 16% of its audience, or 1.1 million viewers during the mid-spring month. Activision has informed investors that Fortnite‘s success is a possible innovation boon for the AAA industry, and they’re expecting to cash in on the Battle Royale craze… soon. Cory Barlog, the creative director for God of War, doesn’t feel as if single-player games are dying, but instead believes that there’s an ebb and a flow to what’s in and what’s not. Hello Games has some interesting new prospects on the horizon for No Man’s Sky, including some potentially new ways to involve the game’s modding community. And a PUBG mobile emulator is currently available to download right now.


Jason Schreier Gets Sheared By SJWs

Winning a Kunkel Award turned out to be the worst thing to happen to Kotaku’s resident writer, Jason Schreier, this week. The award was handed out for his work on a news article outing a fake harassment victim, but when he tried to go on Twitter to bad mouth the Kunkels and #GamerGate, SJWs dog-piled the Kotaku journalist into submission. And speaking of ethics in journalism… Vulture, one of the anti-#GamerGate websites from the early days of the movement, decided to pop back onto the scene with some undisclosed affiliate links. I wonder what the excuse will be this time why they chose to be unethical? Electronic Arts has confirmed that Anthem is due for release in March of 2019. Conan Exiles actually managed to sell more than 1 million copies before it even graduated Early Access, and now the fully featured version of the game has graduated from Early Access. And Conservative outlet WND decided to keep on attacking video games, claiming that they’re the reason that kids turn into killers.


BGC Wants To Prosecute Evil Publishers For Loot Boxes

While fines might put a twinkle in the tushy of most suit-wearing executives, criminal prosecution opens up a whole new order of fire-to-the-fanny as an undertaking of justice for the plebeian. This is essentially what the Belgium Gaming Commission is doing with their hard line stance on loot boxes, readying to criminally prosecute EA, Blizzard and Valve if they don’t remove the loot boxes. This year’s upcoming Battlefield game will reportedly have a single-player campaign mode, broken down into episodes not unlike Battlefield 1. Capcom has two big new games on the horizon for home consoles and PC, and they’re expected to be revealed at this year’s E3. And some SJW comic book retailers have colluded in private to bar the sale of Lawbreakers on their store shelves, all in an attempt to spite Richard C. Meyer, the creator of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel.


Antarctic Press Pulls Out Of Jawbreakers Deal

Antarctic Press originally had a deal to publish the crowdfunded and highly anticipated comic book, Jawbreakers. However, after receiving pressure from SJWs, the company pulled out of the deal. Now Diversity & Comics is starting his own SJW-free publishing company. The Farm 51 is confident that their upcoming first-person shooter World War 3 will prove to be a huge hit. We finally have up the full review for Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. And Bioware head honcho Casey Hudson is still desperately trying to convince people that Anthem will be a good game by mentioning that you can play the game online via multiplayer, or offline in a single-player mode.

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