Weekly Recap May 19th: Metro And Shenmue Delayed, NCOSE Menaces Steam Users
Weekly Recap

Morality In Media decided to re-brand after the head of the organization, Patrick A. Trueman, felt as if the organization was not being as effective as it could be following their failure to secure their censorship agenda when Mitt Romney also failed to secure the Presidency back in 2012. Romney had promised Morality in Media enforced mandates to cull porn and sexual “obscenity” from the internet, television and other media distribution services. The company later changed to the National Center of Sexual Exploitation, also known as NCOSE, and with the name change they also changed their tactics.

Under this new label they’ve been using inroads made by the current-day Leftist SJWs to censor plenty of platforms under the guise of “protecting” children. Well, the organization has been elevating their efforts, now targeting Steam’s sexy-time visual novels and ecchi games on the digital distribution platform. Worse yet is that Valve is actually bending the knee. Developers are now being threatened to have their games removed from Steam unless they further censor their title. Gamers are calling it the VN Apocalypse.

Sadly, even when the Leftist SJWs aren’t being a menace, the OG Puritans from back the day – the ones who hated rock and roll, Elvis Presley’s hips, and Dungeons & Dragons – are now back to take the throne as the monarch of censorship.

In slightly less frustrating news, Metro: Exodus and Shenmue 3 have both been delayed into early 2019. So now you’re just stuck with a bunch of Ubisoft, Activision and EA games to round out your holiday season this year. Oy vey.

These stories and more in this May 19th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

RAGE 2 Teaser Leaks

The teaser trailer for RAGE 2 leaked and it’s now all over the web. A lot of gamers aren’t entirely pleased with the results, but what’s out there is out there. The government is trying to squeeze whatever few freedoms you have left when it comes to music acquisition out of the meager grasp you had left on it. This is being done with a new centralized collective agency that will control all the digital music distribution across every medium in the United States… and copyright protection is being extended by up to 144 years… after the death of the artist. Insurgency: Sandstorm started as an indie project and could end up becoming an AA-sized effort if they can successfully showcase their game at this year’s E3. And Kickstarter backers of Bloodstained are being denied a DRM-free version of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.


E-Sports Gambling Could Become Legal

If you were worried that gaming was moving a little too close to the likes of gambling, well you probably won’t like the news that the SCOTUS has repealed an old 1992 ban on sports betting. This has opened up the 10th amendment to be applied per state regarding sports betting. Long story short, it appears as if e-sports gambling is going to become a real thing in the near future, and many betting sites are hoping skins betting becomes legalized so that in turn loot boxes become protected. MoDDB has opened up a new site to allow for easier mod creation and sharing called MOD.io. GSC Game World announced that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is currently in the works and it appears it has a tentative 2021 release window. And there’s a review up for Battletech.


Metro Exodus And Shenmue Delayed

4A Games’ Metro Exodus has been delayed from out of its fall, 2018 release for home consoles and PC into a first-quarter 2019 release for home consoles and PC. They decided that it wasn’t worth competing with Red Dead Redemption 2 this fall. Metro Exodus isn’t the only game to get hit with the delay hammer; Ys Net also delayed Shenmue III from out of its 2018 release window for PC and PS4 and moved the game back to the first quarter of 2019 as well. Spike Chunsoft’s CEO acknowledges that the reason their games are popular is because people actually really enjoy Japan’s quirky sense of gaming, plus a ton of people are tired of the Western AAA industry’s SJW-influenced. Boring, Hollywood-style “cinematic” gaming fetish. And finally, speaking of JRPGs, there’s a review of Atelier Lydie & Suelle for those of you considering picking up a copy of the game.


NCOSE Takes Credit For Trying To Censor Content On Steam

The National Center of Sexual Exploitation are taking credit for having Valve censor and remove certain visual novels and anime-themed games that contain sexy chicks and lewd content. The big No Man’s Sky NEXT update will actually feature full online multiplayer… yes, the multiplayer that you were all expecting when the game released two years ago. Speaking of multiplayer… Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will only have multiplayer modes and Treyarch didn’t even bother making a single-player mode for the game. Comic Book Resources have also taken a stance to ban all discussion of Jawbreakers the comic book on their forums, whether you want to praise it or criticize it, it won’t be allowed on their forums. Oh yeah, and wolf whistling in France is now banned… illegal… wrong-o. You can actually be fined up to €750 for wolf whistling at a chick in France.


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