Weekly Recap May 26th: Battlefield 5 Spawns #NotMyBattlefield, TotalBiscuit Loses Fight To Cancer
Weekly Recap

What many gamers feared finally came to pass this week, as Valve fired up the ovens in the fapcentration camps in a move that signaled the dreadful rise of the waifu holocaust. Many VN refugees were left out in the cold as Valve began what some would consider a form of tissue tariffs by threatening censorship of visual novels, anime games, dating sims, and waifu apps. Thankfully, GOG.com came to the rescue, providing safe haven for those affected by Valve’s lolicon loathsomeness. There’s still a ways to go before all the lewd games are saved, but GOG.com stepped up to plate, like a  sexy-time savior, or a softcore Schindler.

In other news, DICE and EA revealed Battlefield V and the game got right frosty roasted for being what appears to be an alternate fantasy take on World War II. DICE is calling it the most historically accurate yet, but the trailer showed nothing accurate or historical about it. But just as gamers were absorbing that steaming pile, they were hit with the news that John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has passed away after losing the fight to cancer.

These stories and more in this May 26th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Dear White People Courts Controversy On Steam

Valve has begun to usher in content on Steam designed to influence people to destroy Western culture, specifically content like Netflix’s Dear White People. Many of Steam’s users are not taking this lying down, however, and have decided to fight back by reporting the show for hate speech and attempting to get it removed from the platform. An interesting new medieval first-person game called Monomyth is currently in development and will likely court an audience of gamers looking forward to playing a first-person medieval fantasy title. Warframe’s chat moderators get called out for censoring all sorts of chat speech and for being hypocritical SJWs. And the popular RPG Maker title, To The Moon, is being turned into a full featured animated film made in collaboration with Chinese and Japanese animation studios.


Patricia Hernandez Is Out At Kotaku

After half a decade of making gamers angry and getting under the skin of the gaming community, Patricia Hernandez is finally out at Kotaku. The Kotaku blogger is now being transferred over to the containment zone for other members of the Intersectional Inquisition located at The Verge, where she will take on the role of a “culture editor”. While that bit of good news may spread mirth and cheer across the faces of gamers, there’s bad news in the form of We Happy Few being banned in Australia. Treyarch has also confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Tough luck, Nintendonites. And SJWs harassed Warhorse Studios creative director, Daniel Vavra, by constantly calling him a Nazi until he cancelled showing up at a Spanish gaming convention called GameLab.


Battlefield V Embraces The League Of Social Justice Warriors

DICE and Electronic Arts have finally revealed Battlefield V but it wasn’t what a lot of people expected. The game was a huge disappointment to loyal fans, who realized that the game appeared to be catering to the feminist fringes who hang onto the crumbling edges of our decaying society. In other words, Battlefield V is an SJW disasterpiece. Elon Musk will be starting up his own journalist ranking system called Pravda, which will allow the general public to rate and report on journalists and their publications, like an MSM version of Deep Freeze. Some free DLC is coming to Tekken 7 in the form of NJPW content, new story costume sets, and tons more stuff. Compulsion Games may be forced to give gamers refunds who backed We Happy Few after the Australian Classification Board banned the game from sale in Australia. And MangaGamer will be bringing plenty of adult-oriented visual novels to GOG.com after Valve royally screwed them over with the waifu holocaust censorship.


BioWare SJWs Go On The Attack Following TotalBiscuit’s Death

SJWs from BioWare and Blizzard Entertainment go on the prowl to attack TotalBiscuit’s legacy postmortem. There are a number of indie devs as well shouting down TotalBiscuit while trying to play up their own virtue signaling. Hope that Japan would hold out against censorship seems to be dwindling after an interview seemed to indicate that Sega’s upcoming Yakuza 3: Remastered could be censored to some extent in both Japan and the West when it launches later this year for the PS4. A District Attorney in California has opted not to pursue a criminal case involving revenge porn and a child being kidnapped. When questioned as to why she won’t pursue the matter, the D.A., opts to block people on Twitter. Is this another PizzaGate-level scandal? Also, the full line-up of Ubisoft’s E3 games has been revealed, but most people are already thoroughly disappointed.


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