Wild West Online, Red Dead-Inspired MMO Now Available On Steam For $29.99
Wild West Online

DJ2 Entertainment and WWO Partners announced that Wild West Online is currently available on Steam for $29.99. The game had a premium Early Access period that for some reason wasn’t available on Steam, but the final release slithered out on Steam after the team did all the final preparations and applied the hotfixes for release.

Wild West Online is an MMO Western game, themed around survival, gangs, questing, robberies, and exploration. It’s like a poor man’s version of Red Dead Redemption.

You can explore the open-world sandbox and partake in PvE missions, or you can grief others by focusing on PvP.

There are several factions you can join that allow you to level-up your character and partake in light story missions involving the McFalane Family or their rivals, Steele Industries.

You can see some of the activities you can perform in Wild West Online with the half minute launch trailer below.

It’s really telling when the launch trailer has the ratings disabled and the comments turned off. It’s always a sure sign that there’s something seriously wrong when a developer disables ratings and comments. Anytime you want to snuff out feedback it means that it’s either a scam or a poorly made game.

Either way, you can play Wild West Online in either first-person or third-person. There are a variety of guns to acquire and a few different customization options available for those of you who want to deck out your character in different attire.

Wild West Online - Burning Preacher

You can create your own gang or ride solo, as well as acquire a homestead and take care of a ranch on the range. Light crafting mechanics are also present, allowing players to craft and sell items in order to make some extra cash on the side.

There isn’t much else detailed about the game, but I’m sure if there’s more (or if there isn’t enough) we’ll see it highlighted in the user review section.

You can learn more about Wild West Online by visiting the Steam store page.


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