The Wilting Amaranth, Uncensored Romance Visual Novel Launches On Nutaku
The Wilting Amaranth

Nutaku announced a brand new game called The Wilting Amaranth, joining the portal of other adult-themed visual novels and 18+ uncensored games. The romance tale is available right now for just $5.00 from the Nutaku digital storefront.

The game is about three gorgeous chicks trapped in an infamous tower known as the Witch’s Tower. Each of them have their own tribulations to deal with and are desperately trying to live in a society that has decided to reject their true nature. The three chicks decide to find pleasure amongst themselves, as they navigate their most erotic fantasies and bring them to life within the tower.

The visual novel was originally based on the tale of Rapunzel, but developer Reine Works decided to go in a different direction by focusing on a more original theme and adding in their own plot twists and character development. Part of that plot twist and development involves the “underwear mode”.

A rep for Reine Works explained in the press release…

“Something else we tried was ‘underwear mode’. The girls each have gorgeous underwear designs, so we decided to add a totally optional feature where you can play the game with the girls always in their undies.”

This will add some measure of replayability as you can see each sequence with the girls only stripped down to their delicates.

The Wilting Amaranth - Lesbians on the Bed

Of course, the real cookies and jugs of The Wilting Amaranth resides in the game’s uncensored and unfiltered sex scenes.

Depending on your choices you’ll be able to unlock up to 13 different endings for the game, and go through two different character routes, while engaging in 10 unique CG sequences with alternate variations.

In total, Reine Works expects gamers to put in three to five hours in order to beat off the game. You can pick up a digital copy of The Wilting Amaranth right now by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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