WND, Conservative Media Outlet Continues To Promote Video Games Turning Kids Into Killers
Why Kids Become Killers

If you’re a gamer just minding your own business you probably didn’t notice it, but back in April the Conservative outlet World Net Daily promoted their March magazine issue, which was headlined with the provocative title “Why Kids Become Killers: Confronting and reversing the moral disintegration of America”.

Usually this is something that most people would ignore, but the article claims that it “explores this crisis honestly, deeply and insightfully”. It also states that it offers “genuine solutions”.

On the description page for the magazine, there’s a brief on the section covering violent video games, and WND falls in line behind remarks made by President Trump back in March, where he acknowledged that there were links between violent video games and violent behavior. WND writes…

“Whistleblower also explodes the myth that ultra-violent videogames don’t desensitize, corrupt and even serve as training for mass shooters. President Trump was correct when, following February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, he said he’s “hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts.


“Indeed, Lanza notched up more than 83,000 “kills” on the violent video games he played morning until night, including 22,000 “head shots,” as he literally trained himself for the Sandy Hook massacre.”

There have been studies stating that there is no link between violent video games and the desensitization exhibited to mass murder people. Of course, studies, facts and research never got in the way of a good, divisive narrative before.

If you were hoping Conservative media would come to the aid of gamers, you hoped in vain.

While Liberals on the left continue to make gamers forlorn over the persistent labels of calling them “sexist”, “misogynistic”, “incels”, the Conservatives on the right continue to demonize games as “violent”, “murder simulators” and “desensitization tools”.

Liberals want to take away all the sexy fun-time in games while Conservatives want to take away violent entertainment in gaming. Gamers these days just can’t seem to catch a break, even while their own corrupt enthusiast media betray them due to the fact that game journalists are literal rapists.

It looks like the war to preserve gaming is a fight that gamers will have to fight alone.

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