Wolf Tails 18+ Patch Now Available For Download
Wolf Tails Uncensored patch

It’s finally here. After launching in full on Steam, Wolf Tails’ uncensored, 18+ adult patch has also arrived and is currently available for download right now for PC gamers looking to add some spice to the visual novel.

You can download the Wolf Tails 18+ patch from the Razzart Visual link or from the Google Drive link.

If you already have the visual novel and you need a little help with installing the 18+ patch, there’s an instruction manual over on the Razzart Visual website.

  1. Download the hpatch.rpa file, and then open up your Steam folder located at: steamapps/common/Wolf Tails/game/
  2. Copy the hpatch.rpa file into the common/Wolf Tails/game/ folder and overwrite the file.
  3. The game should be properly patched with the uncensored content. Boot it up to check if the patch works.

You’ll know that your version of Wolf Tails is properly patched if there’s a text on the title screen that says “visit the website”, as depicted in the image below. If you click through the image you can see the NSFW version of the game in action.

Wolf Tails 18+ Patch

This will allow you to experience Razzart’s visual novel in all its uncensored glory, in the way that it was intended to be experienced. The game is likely expected to be quite popular given the high-quality art-style and the lewd images that come packed into the uncensored patch.

The game is about sexy wolf girls living in the forest. One day while you’re visiting your cabin out in the woods, you encounter one of the sexy wolf girls and take her in. She ends up taking to your cabin, but you discover that she’s supposed to be the leader of a pack of wolf girls and has abandoned her duty. One of the other wolf girls shows up to bring her back, and sexual chaos ensues.

You can grab a digital copy of Wolf Tails right now from over on the Steam store for $8.99.


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