Wolf Whistling In France Is Now Illegal, Carries €750 Fine
Heavy Rain - Catcalling

If you wolf whistle in France and the police catch you, you can be fined up to €750. The punishment annexes wolf whistling to the charge of sexual harassment in France following a legislative mandate by the French National Assembly, who recently introduced the fine for the harmless act, as reported by the U.K’s iNews.

The measure was only recently instituted on May 17th, 2018. President Emmanuel Macron stated that the fines will be to ensure that “women are not afraid to be outside”.

Wolf whistling and catcalling will carry fines ranging between €90 and €750, depending on the extent, severity, and aggressiveness of the catcalling. The instance of attempting to grab a woman’s attention by making noises at her is now considered sexual harassment.

This is all part of the third-wave feminists’ plan to further divide the sexes, and ensure that men and women don’t interact with each other in ways that they don’t approve of.

This should come as no surprise given that back in 2016, the French government actually wanted to fight against #GamerGate by instituting “sexism” labels for video games. The measure would have seen games having a separate label informing customers how much sexism is featured in the game. The French also wanted to use the label as a way to determine who would be allowed to receive government funding for their projects.

The issue regarding studio funding popped up again rather recently after charges of sexism were levied at Parisian development studio, Quantic Dream, where some politicians believed that studios that don’t fit the SJW purity tests may lose government grants. David Cage, the founder of Quantic Dream, actually sued the SJW media outlets for defamation.

Nevertheless, at France’s current rate, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope at this point to fight back against the political correctness that has overtaken the country.

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