ADL Claims #GamerGate Impacts Lives, Aims To Fight It With Social Engineering
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In a recent interview published on June 29th, 2018 with Brian Crecente from Variety – who failed to disclose that he’s on the advisory board for the organization Games For Change, which he cites in the article – the Anti-Defamation League’s associate director of the center for technology, Daniel Kelley, vowed to keep fighting #GamerGate. According to Kelley, the consumer revolt that started in 2014 for better ethics in media journalism “impacts lives”. So how do they plan on fighting it? In the classroom, of course.

Kelley told Crecente that they believe that biases in games can lead toward discrimination, and discrimination can lead towards motivated violence, and that motivated violence can lead toward genocide. Kelly calls this the ‘Pyramid of Hate”…

“We are going to focus on the building blocks, starting with identity issues, and have folks talk about what identity means and how that can be expressed in a game. But it’s not one and done. It’s a lifelong process of becoming aware of ways in which bias is part of life.”


“The ADL works at every level. Education is proactive, starting at the base level of the pyramid.”

The ADL shared an image of the “Pyramid of Hate”, and how they claim that biases in games is a stepping stone that presumably leads toward genocide.

Going by this logic, if biases in games can contribute toward scaling the “Pyramid of Hate”, does this not mean that the ADL would also agree with President Donald Trump’s assertion that violence in games can influence people to become violent? And if we’re to go by this line of thinking, then media outlets, the ADL, and other SJWs accede to Trump’s summation that violent games can turn people violent… no?

This kind of sociopolitical indoctrination stands in opposition to actual research studies, which have so far shown that games don’t turn people violent; that games don’t desensitize people to become murderers; and that sexualized images of female characters don’t increase rape myth acceptance.

According to Variety, the ADL will be passing on educational material to principals and teachers, which will then be used in the schools to teach kids…

“The approach the ADL plans to use in video games is similar to what it used in schools, where they trained principals and teachers who then passed on those lessons to students.”

Back in 2014 the ADL also released a classroom exercise programme based on Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency material. The teaching exercise was titled “Is Gaming A Boy’s Club? Women, Video Games And Sexism”.

It was based solely around Anita Sarkeesian and her claims of harassment. The material is charged with misinformation or misrepresentation of data to push specific agendas, as evident with the manifest of certain exercises:

All of the questions and statements regarding gaming are entirely partisan to only a specific kind of viewpoint, and essentially paints gaming as sexist based on Anita Sarkeesian’s canards.

The ADL’s material completely ignores the concerns about ethics in media journalism – concerns that #GamerGate eventually had to escalate to the Federal Trade Commission, which did in turn enforce disclosures in gaming reviews and YouTube content. And despite organizations like the ADL making claims about #GamerGate being about sexism or harassment, various media outlets – many of whom were targets of #GamerGate’s e-mail campaigns – eventually did update their ethics policies.

According to Kelley, however, the ADL had already devised its approach to #GamerGate by reading press material and talking with academics…

“We did a listening tour of different folks, academics, practitioners, others. We read a lot about Gamergate in the press and about the harassment, but we wanted to hear from the community about what the problems are that the ADL can help with.”

Kelley plans on reaching out to more developers and publishers, in addition to utilizing educational curriculum to inculcate the masses with their agenda.

Facebook is also doing an identical thing with the Women In Gaming initiative, where they are funding outreach programs to developers and publishers in order to enforce the hiring practices of bringing more women into gaming, as well as enforce developers to include more playable females in their games, which they demonstrated during E3 with Gears of War 5 during the #SheTalksGaming panel.

Kelley went on to say…

“From our discussions with people in the industry, Gamergate isn’t over, it remains a significant problem, part of a serious issue that needs to be taken seriously and the ADL takes it seriously. It impacts people’s lives, impacts a person’s ability to do their job.”

According to Women Action Media!‘s peer reviewed report, and the FBI report, there was no evidence linking #GamerGate to being an organized harassment campaign, so Kelley would have to cite sources about it impacting “people’s lives” other than getting them to make public disclosures… sort of like Brian Crecente being on the advisory board of Games For Change without disclosing that fact to the general public.

The ADL’s brazen claims about fighting #GamerGate and attempting to indoctrinate school students didn’t go over too well in most other communities, though. The article’s content was on the brunt end of mockery in the GameFaqs community, along with various Reddit communities. They were even called out on their official Twitter account by some of their own followers.

Unfortunately it looks like the social engineering propaganda from groups like the ADL will continue unfettered in classrooms and academic circles. Although, should anyone have expected any different from the same organization that claimed Pepe The Frog was a hate symbol?

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