Anime News Network’s New Rules Bans “Trap” And Opinions About Certain Anime
Anime News Network

The Anime News Network updated their rules for discussing content on the forums. This includes prohibiting the use of the word “trap” – which can’t be used at all on the forums, but the word “otokonoko” must be used instead – and they’ve banned opinions about certain anime that you’re not allowed to agree with.

The update to the forum rules was published on June 29th, 2018. Some of the new rules include…

“•Don’t be a jerk. Anime News Network’s staff and moderators reserve the right to remove anyone from this space that cannot conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner.


“• Posters’ contributions should not create an atmosphere that is unwelcome to marginalized peoples. The moderators and staff reserve the right to remove anyone actively creating an unwelcome environment at their own discretion.


“• Post relevant, thoughtful responses. Consider if what you are writing is relevant or important to others. Engaging in bad faith arguments is not allowed. If you are not interested in what the other party has to say, you are not discussing the topic; you are soap-boxing.”

Users were quite confused about some of the rules, especially regarding the “marginalized peoples”.

It turns out that while they were discussing this issue, someone used the word “trap” and the new filter kicked in, preventing the word from displaying. Yes, “trap” is now censored out on Anime News Network, along with the acronym “SJW”, since you’re not allowed to criticize or even mention “Social Justice Warriors” on the Anime News Network forums.

Moderator octopodie reprimanded a user for using the word “trap” and told them that it’s no longer allowed.

According to octopodie, GLAAD considered “trap” a slur, so it will no longer be allowed to be used on the forums.

So what do you use to describe a male character who cross-dresses as a female character and looks alluring enough to trap unsuspecting males in a gaze of lust? Well, octopodie suggests “otokonoko”.

Plenty of forum members didn’t agree with some of the rules, and those who attempted to question them were shouted down. Others wanted clarification if insults and bad-mouthing was only prohibited for “marginalized” people or if it also extended to straight, white, Christian males? According to the moderators, you cannot insult or disparage straight, white Christian males just the same as you can’t disparage “marginalized” people.

Others worried that the rules would be utilized to stifle opinions and discussion about certain kinds of anime with subject matter that would run afoul of Anime News Network’s rule-set, specifically anime that have non-Leftist viewpoints.

One user, a turbo-Leftist going by the handle of all-tsun-and-no-dere, addressed the concern about anime that have hard-Right views, using Angel Cop as an example, writing…

“Let’s use Angel Cop as an example. The original script for Angel Cop is deeply, overtly anti-Semitic and features the kind of global Jewish conspiracy that neo-Nazis insist is inevitable. Now, that doesn’t mean posters on the ANN forums aren’t allowed to talk about Angel Cop, but they sure as heck shouldn’t be agreeing with it.”

Some users objected to the idea that they would be prohibited from expressing opinions in favor or against certain ideologies presented in anime that didn’t align with the sociopolitical standards of Anime News Network.

Well, Anime News Network CEO, Christopher Macdonald, laid it out plain and simple, noting that users cannot express opinions that disagree with the sociopolitical foundations of ANN…

So that makes things extra clear.

You are not allowed to express certain opinions about certain anime. You are not allowed to agree with certain opinions from certain anime. You cannot make posts that make “marginalized” people feel unwelcome. And you cannot say the word “trap” anymore.

(Thanks for the news tip Hiecchi)


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