Atlus Will Attend Anime Expo 2018

Atlus is a developer, publisher, distribution company and a subsidiary of Sega, and while the company is known for a plethora of games, it looks like you might learn something new from them this July when Anime Expo 2018 arrives.

That’s right, Atlus will make an appearance at AX 2018 and will more than likely show-off some new stuff at the July games event. We know this thanks to a curious fan on Twitter wanting to know if Atlus would make an appearance since other companies were acknowledging their exhibit booths, to which the company replied to the fan with the following answer:

Taking a peek over at AX 2018’s exhibitor page we can see that a handful of companies are on the list, but Atlus seems to be missing. However, thanks to the newly announced confirmation on Twitter, we should see the company join the following sometime soon:

  • Animepls – The Annex (ANX1)
  • Blizzard Entertainment – Entertainment Hall
  • Bushiroad – Entertainment Hall
  • Cascade Games – Entertainment Hall
  • Fate/Grand Order VR – Entertainment Hall
  • Genki Pachinko Japan – Entertainment Hall
  • Japanime Games – Entertainment Hall
  • Konami – Entertainment Hall
  • Lost Levels – Entertainment Hall
  • Santa Inoue – The Annex
  • Sean Danconia – The Annex
  • Square Enix – Entertainment Hall
  • Wacom – Entertainment Hall

According to the tweet, we also learn that more info is coming and that we should stay tuned, meaning that if you’re a fan of Atlus, you might want to stick around to see want the company has in store for you.

In the meantime, what do you think Atlus will announce or reveal while at AX 2018? And most importantly, what would you like to see them announce at the July event?

If you can’t think of anything just yet or you’re curious as to when AX 2018 will start, do know the event is set to kick-off on July 5th to July 8th. Also, a pre-show is set to go live on July 4th. You can learn more about this event by hitting up

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