Code Vein Video Reveals Full Executioner Gameplay Demo

Back on June 20th, Bandai Namco shared a small slice of Code Vein gameplay footage showing the Invading Executioner in action. This time around, a certain YouTuber was able to capture close to 20 minutes of gameplay footage of that demo and has it up for your viewing pleasure.

As of right now, you can keep an eye out for Code Vein to release for the end of September, where the game will be available to pick up across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Although the game is three months away from hitting store shelves and the digital scene, we have yet another gameplay video to look over. The video is an extended version of the demo released a week ago, showing what leads up to the Invading Executioner.

The video comes in courtesy of YouTuber Shirrako, who managed to capture 18-minutes of the demo on a PS4 Pro:

“Code Vein Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 pro Demo 1080p 60fps New Weapons, First Boss Fight, Mia co-op & more!”

As seen above, we see a lot of equipment and ability swapping in the very beginning of the video, which transcends into combat, exploration, and, of course, battling several formidable opponents — including the Invading Executioner.

I’m assuming Shirrako was offered a demo code of Code Vein or was flown out to one of Bandai Namco’s offices to test the game. I say this because a month ago YouTuber Oroboro was flown out to an office to playtest Code Vein. And while he was at the company’s office, he managed to capture a large chunk of gameplay footage.

Will Bandai Namco offer up a playable demo of Code Vein to the general public before September 27th? Well, that remains to be a mystery. Anyway, you can learn more about this game by heading on over to or


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