#DNDGate Sees SJWs Claiming That DnD Players Are Trying To Exclude Women, Minorities

It’s finally happened… Dungeons & Dragons has become co-opted by identity politics, and now those of you who thought tabletop gaming and miniature collectibles were safe from the toxic AOE rhetoric of Social Justice Necromancers are now being poised to face off against the same kind of soy-powered sophism that gamers in the interactive entertainment realm have been battling against since 2014, when #GamerGate got underway.

DnD content creator Kasimir Urbanski – who runs a small YouTube channel RPGPundit – recently posted up a video detailing how he’s come under fire by Social Justice Warriors who claim that he’s trying to gatekeep the Dungeons and Dragons community by preventing minorities and women from joining. The 15 minute video below covers the basic gist of what Urbanski has been going through and some of the charges laid against him by the clerical clique of the Intersectional Inquisition.

If you managed to trudge through all 15 minutes and presume that it’s all FUD, you presumed wrong.

If you check the actual DNDGate hashtag, you’ll find that everything Urbanski mentioned in the video is true, right down to various members of the Rainbow Reich Coalition giving alms through virtue signaling like a pious prefect for the Church of SocJus.

It’s not just the altar boys and acolytes dog whistling on behalf of the Aristocracy of Appropriation, there’s also the usual suspects in the form of actual writers and game designers joining in to condemn and castigate their own audience for participating in #DNDGate. This includes male feminist and game designer Brian Engard, along with writer and game designer Gareth M. Skarka.

There’s also the typical mockery and goading by 30-something white males with unkempt beards, open-mouths and colorful rainbows located somewhere in their profile picture.

Of course, all of this complaining and whining couldn’t go completely without some form of opposition. Anti-SJWs have been slowly creeping out of the woodwork to unleash the proverbial “BTFO” attack on SJWs using common sense and a hard dose of reality captured within the miniscule span of just 255 characters.

And so it goes, the great culture war for Dungeons & Dragons has begun. MS Paint memes will clash against lenghty harangues, while arrow-like volleys of equivocation and deflection will rapidly blast across the embattled landscape of Twitter, Facebook, and occasionally YouTube.

There will be plenty of shrieking and crying to be had from people approaching middle-age whose most valuable possession in life are the thousands of bot followers they paid for to retweet and reblog their vapid self-congratulatory moral crusades in order to feel important about their digital-demonization of political adversaries, all as a means to sate their culturally-parasitic narcissism.

Rinse, repeat, and toss in a few Polygon and Mary Sue articles to yelp about straight, white males and toxicity, and you’ve got a repeat of #GamerGate all over again.

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