E3 2018: DOOM Eternal Announced, Gameplay Footage Coming At QuakeCon
DOOM Eternal

During Bethesda’s E3 press conference there was a lot of anticipation, a lot of disappointment, and plenty of confusion when Andrew W.K., took to the stage. However, one thing that was absolutely undeniable was the excitement for DOOM: Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 reboot-sequel of DOOM.

The game is basically a continuation of the Doom Guy’s journey from the end of the first game, when Dr. Hayden teleported him to an alternate dimension. It turns out that Doom Guy ends up back on Earth, or at least, a Hell-occupied version of Earth.

I have to admit that the early imagery of DOOM: Eternal looks very impressive. There are a lot of tentacle beasts, demons, and hell spawns roaming about, but Doom Guy doesn’t seem to be having any of it. The teaser trailer is below.

Talk about a real manly game.

Mick Gordon’s music alone probably gave soy latte addicts in San Francisco a big enough testosterone boost that those feminists they’re always orbiting probably got pregnant just from receiving some creepy uninvited DMs sent through Twitter.

Unfortunately, no new gameplay footage was put on display of Doom Guy doing what he does best, but the developers at id Software acknowledged that the first gameplay footage for DOOM: Eternal will be present at this year’s upcoming QuakeCon, which is set to take place between August 9th and August 12th.

With all the major lead male characters being replaced in major franchises, it’s nice to see that the Doom Guy managed to make it into his sequel unscathed by the current wave of agenda-pushing Social Justice Warrior propaganda being peddled by almost every major AAA studio in gaming.

How long Doom Guy will stay unmolested by the touch of Cultural Marxism remains to be unseen, but for now it looks like his near future will be a bloody-gory one set on the hellscape remnants of a desolated Earth.


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