E3 2018: Sessions, Skateboarding Game Coming To Xbox One Game Preview In Late 2018
Sessions Xbox One

Crea-ture Studios had their game Sessions debut for the Xbox One during the Xbox E3 press conference. The game is a realistic skateboarding game made by the small indie team at Crea-ture Studios. The game is centered around pulling off tricks on a skateboard in a realized environment.

The game was originally Kickstarted last year in November, and the developers at Crea-ture Studios were able to put it into full development. Due to the lack of extreme sports games, or any sort memorable skateboarding games during eighth gen, the developers decided to bring back the genre with Sessions.

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference it was announced that the game would be headed to the Xbox One home console.

In a separate press release, the developer announced that Sessions would be arriving on the Xbox One as part of the Game Preview program later this year in the fall, along with making a run in Early Access on Steam for PC gamers.

They don’t plan on being in Early Access for long, but they want to make sure they get all the kinks ironed so that they can have a full-on release for home consoles and PC starting in early 2019.

The hook for the game is that it’s supposed to be a realistic skateboarding game, and the control mechanics are attuned so that each analog stick controls a foot and how the board is controlled. The press release explains…

“ In Skate Mode, you’re using a fresh dual-stick control scheme to focus on landing difficult individual tricks. Each stick controls a foot to replicate authentic and intuitive skateboarding motion. “

So this is unlike any other skateboarding or extreme sports game before it. While EA’s Skate franchise had analog-reliant controls, it was no where near as comprehensive as attaching each foot to an analog stick.

Another neat feature is that there’s a Filmer Mode, which allows players to capture the action of the skateboarding like a cameraman. This is themed after the skater community videos that emerged throughout the 1990s and early 2000s when extreme sports was really at the forefront of mainstream counterculture.

Players will be able to capture tricks, edit videos and upload and share them for all the community to see.

You can learn more about Sessions by paying a visit to the game’s official website.


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