Earthfall, Yet Another Co-op Shooter Set To Launch On PS4, Xbox One, PC July 13th

During E3, Holospark and Gearbox Publishing announced that Earthfall would be launching on July 13th, next month. The game is a four-player cooperative shooting game, just like Left 4 Dead, just like the upcoming Overkill’s The Walking Dead, and just like Fortnite, and GTFO, and Strange Bridge, and World War Z. So what separates Earthfall as a four-player cooperative shooter compared to all those other games? Nothing… absolutely nothing.

Holospark’s first-person shooter allows you to select a character, equip your weapons, and do battle against hordes of alien invaders. To help stave off the attackers you can work together as a team to build up fortifications, or you can make use of 3D printers in the game to fabricate new weapons just like in Watch Dogs 2. The E3 2018 trailer was skipped over quite a bit because too many people were too busy talking about Ellie’s lesbian relationship in The Last of Us 2, but in case you missed it, you can check out the trailer below.

There aren’t many details rolled out for the game other than that you’ll need to complete objectives and fortify areas across “10 epic levels”.

The top comments on the YouTube section set the mood for what the general direction of the discussion was like.

The trailer was so ho-hum that I simply couldn’t leave it and assume that was all it had to offer. I mean, why would anyone be excited for a game recycling decade old content with nothing new save for a skin replacement for the zombies by turning them into aliens? Surely Holospark wouldn’t settle for making “Fortnite: Poor Man’s Diversity Version” just for some quick coins and snappy grab at filling up their coffers, no?

Well, I stumbled upon a poorly viewed video from Xbox Live Fr, which was about as occupied with users as a theater exclusively showing Solo: A Star Wars Story, and decided to scope out the five minutes worth of gameplay. You can check it out below.

The gameplay centers around the four playable characters, including a white girl, two black men, and a white boy.

The controls are pretty basic, with ‘X’ on the Xbox controller (or Square on the DualShock) reloading your weapon, ‘Y’ (or Triangle on the DualShock) switching between weapons, ‘B’ on the Xbox One controller interacts with objects (which is Circle on the DualShock), and ‘A’ on the Xbox controller allowing you to jump (which is ‘X’ on the DualShock).

Early on the objective of the mission is laid out and then one of the black guys gives a rip-off speech from Independence Day about bringing the fight to the enemy.

Right at the start we see that any two small arms can be dual-wielded, and weapon selections vary from small arms, to heavy assault weapons, and plenty of melee options in between.

Earthfall - Boss Monster

The scrub aliens go down in just a few well placed shots. Much like Left 4 Dead the levels are linear and force you along a set path as you take out the baddies along the way. Aliens become increasingly difficult further in, but essentially the game is Left 4 Dead: Alien Edition.

While the game lets you play as a white male, we don’t actually know if he’s straight, so it’s something to keep an eye on. He’s also designed like a San Francisco soy boy, so the likelihood of him being straight is slim or next to none. We know that there’s been social engineering efforts to remove straight, white males from video games, so it’s always shocking to see them in games these days.

Anyway, there’s really nothing special about Earthfall, but if you’ve been craving for a four-player cooperative online shooter, just like a bunch of other games currently out or set to come out soon, you can look for Earthfall to drop on July 13th, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The game is also currently in Early Access on the Steam store for $29.99. For more information feel free to visit the official Earthfall website.

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