Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough
Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough

The new DLC for Far Cry 5 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Ubisoft’s latest DLC takes gamers back to the dangerous jungles of Vietnam. The DLC isn’t very long and you’ll be able to complete it all in just under two hours. However, for those of you curious about a walkthrough for Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness, there are a few available.

You can check out the walkthrough for the DLC below courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

Once you boot up the DLC the only option is to click on “New Game”.

Much like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or the propaganda-laden Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus DLC, there are comic-book style cinematics to kick things off.

Surprisingly, Ubisoft didn’t cuck out, and they actually let you play as a strong, straight, white male. A rarity these days, I know.

Far Cry 5 - Hours of Darkness - Cinematic

After another cinematic, players are put into the role of Cowboy, and must escape from the Vietnamese prison camp, and fight hard like the American soldier that you are.

First, however, you’ll need to immediately flee the area to avoid the NVA helicopter and gun fire. Keep running through the pathway down toward the riverbed and then a navpoint for your helicopter will appear.

Make your way toward the helicopter and use the stealth kills to take out the two enemy gooks.

Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness - Survival Instinct

You’ll have four survival instinct skills at your disposal, not unlike Far Cry: Instincts from the OG Xbox.

The skills include “Adrenaline”, which will allow you to move faster when crouched.

“Ghost” will reduce noise while you walk.

“Sixth Sense” will automatically tag enemies who are about to detect you.

And “Predator” will allow you to see enemies through walls if you tag them with the binoculars.

Your objective is to make your way to the extraction point.

You’ll encounter a second small group of NVA enemies. Kill them quick.

Head toward the tower, climb up and use the binoculars to tag the enemies. When the option is made available, use the right bumper to call in an airstrike to clear out the enemies.

Clear out the West Valley camp to take it over.

At the lookout area located in the northeast sector of the camp there’s a a bow and arrow that you can retrieve.

There are additional side-missions located throughout the game world as well, including taking out 8 propaganda speakers, rescuing POWs from 5 camps, and taking over enemy camps.

You’ll basically be playing as Rambo without Sylvester Stallone doing the voiceover. It’s a real shame because a proper amount of explosions and a few cinematics based around a 3D model of Stallone would make for an excellent Rambo: First Blood game.

Anyway, before you can use the airstrike feature again you’ll need to clear out the anti-aircraft guns.

The NVA AA gun is marked on the map at the Black Rock camp.

There are 9 AA guns located around the map.

Once you destroy the first AA gun recon intel will reveal the plantation house.

Further south you’ll find an NVA prison camp where Joker is being held.

Don’t free the panther, otherwise it will go after Joker and start attacking him.

Once you free Joker you’ll be able to make use of the Guns for Hire feature, just like in the standard Far Cry 5.

One highlight of the DLC is that they don’t discriminate against genders – you’ll be killing male and female Asian soldiers alike, giving women their full due of overt, ultra violence doled out by the hands of the player… just like their male counterparts.

From here, make your way to the Plantation House, located west from the position of the downed helicopter pilot, or west due west from the Prison Camp.

Once you kill the commander and clear out the house, there’s an underground tunnel that leads to a small hideout with a letter that reveals the locations of a command bunker.

The location will be marked on the map. Follow the marker east toward the mission area, which is about 700 meters away.

Once you reach the base, take out the guards and free the POW to complete the mission.

Directly south from that location you’ll find another AA gun location, which you’ll need to take out in order to re-enable airstrikes in that area.

The AA guns are actually stationed inside of a church.

There are a couple of guards patrolling around on the ground level while two more guards are located up top giving a lookout over the base camp inconveniently built around a cemetery.

Once you destroy the two AA guns at the church, it will unlock four new locations on the map:

  • Con Song Temple
  • Rice Paddy
  • River Forks Bunker
  • Ghost Village Camp

You’ll be able to get to the next location by heading northwest up the hill. There’s an NVA patrol along the pathway you’ll need to take out heading to your next location, which is the Con Song Temple.

There isn’t much there, but you can replenish your ammo and acquire a silenced sub-machine gun along the way.

The Banteng Farm is just west southwest of the temple. You can free the South Vietnamese POWs from the camp.

You’ll find Moses at the next NVA Camp. You’ll discover his location after taking out an NVA Commander at the rice paddy field. He’s located at the Ghost Village Camp located at the far southeast section of the map.

If you can make your way to Crocodile Beach, you’ll be able to rescue a few more POWs.

Northeast from Crocodile Beach you’ll discover another set of AA guns at some ancient ruins.

When you take out the guns you’ll unlock a new map location: Sentry Bridge

If you head north toward the Fishing Village you’ll be able to free Yandel “Yokel” Boyd.

There are also some trucks that you can use to travel around the area, making traversal much easier and faster than huffing it on foot.

Make your way past the Boulder Bridge to toward the Mountain Plateau Village.

There’s an NVA commander at the village; take him out.

Free the South Vietnamese POWs and then head down into the underground bunker to take out the remaining soldiers and free the POWs and the village.

If you did everything correctly, you should have freed all the POWs.

The Mountain Plateau Village is actually just southwest of the extraction point, which is where you need to get to in order to complete the DLC.

Once you complete the game on normal mode you’ll unlock the Survivor mode and the Action Movie mode.


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