Final Fantasy XV Mods Add Sexy Bayonetta, 2B From NieR, Slutty Cindy
Final Fantasy XV Mods

If you’ve been itching for some sexy-time in Final Fantasy XV beyond gawking at Cindy all day long, modders are stepping up their game after the modding tools for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV became available in early June, and they’ve been making plenty of sexy new mods ripe for the picking.

The first mod that you can grab is the one for Slutty Cindy Aurum. A lot of people have been wanting to see Cindy from Final Fantasy XV buck naked. That particular mod isn’t available yet, but modder myawho has offered gamers something close enough in the form of Slutty Cindy. This slutty mod features some very obvious changes to Cindy’s face and clothes, putting her in a see-through pink fishnet bra and a matching see-through fishnet thong. Her jeans are slightly ripped with the patch “Slut” stamped on her butt check, and her hat now reads “This Girl Will Service You”.

The most obvious change to the mod is the happy-ending make-up she’s wearing, giving the impression that she’s been drinking a whole lot of male tears… if you get my drift. You can download the Slutty Cindy mod to turn Cindy into the cat-house cocotte you’ve always wanted her to be by downloading the mod from

Final Fantasy XV - Slutty Cindy Bukkake

Final Fantasy XV - Slutty Cindy

Now if you’re looking for something risque but without the distraction of bodily fluids canvassing the pretty face of the playable character, there’s also a new mod that makes Platinum Games’ eponymous star of Bayonetta playable in Final Fantasy XV.

Modder ryki-nico managed to swap the effeminate Prompto from out of the boy band for a playable version of Bayonetta as she was depicted in Bayonetta 2. The model consists of a nearly see-through light tank top and some short-shorts with suspenders. She’s decked out in heeled combat boots with white fingerless gloves. You can download the mod for Final Fantasy XV right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

Final Fantasy XV – Bayonetta

Additionally, if you’re looking to add a scrumptious rump to your game, look no further than the 2B mod from ryki-nico. He’s been on a hot run lately, porting over a bunch of models from other hot games into Final Fantasy XV.

This time it’s the booty-licious 2B from Yoko Taro’s NieR: Automata. The shapely vixen is decked out in her iconic Gothic lolita getup, replete with the slightly open skirt, thigh-high heels, bob-haircut and that oh-so-delicious thong leotard.

The model file even manages to retain that slight bit of visible thigh fat where the stockings stop just above the boots that 2B is wearing. The mod allows you to replace Ignis with 2B, allowing your robo-waifu to do all the cooking for you while you take some sneak peeks up her ruffly skirt.

You can download the 2B mod right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

Final Fantasy XV - 2B Mod

Last but not least is a replacement for Noctis… changing him from the boy-band leader into a slender, high-heel wearing Zero Suit Samus.

The mod features Samus Aran before she had the boob reduction, rocking the Super Smash Bros. Melee-style Zero Suit, which was also featured in the Wii version of Metroid Other M.

The mod from MicroKnightmare even features “precise” facial animations, so it should be interesting seeing how the model looks and reacts during some in-engine cinematics. You can grab the mod right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

If you don’t already have Final Fantasy XV on PC, you can pick up a copy right now from the Steam store for $49.99.


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