Girls’ Frontline Nude Mod Combats English Version Censorship
Girls Frontline Nude Mod

Sunborn Games may have censored the crap out of the English version of Girls’ Frontline, but you can always bet on modders to do the right thing, to do the proper thing, and bring back those tiddies.

Well, modder red_cloud devised a solution for gamers who not only wanted the uncensored bits back, but also wanted to take things a step further by implementing actual nudity in Girls’ Frontline.

The collaborative modding effort features art and modifications from a couple of dedicated users, and you can upgrade your version of Girls’ Frontline with the nude mod by downloading it from the Google Drive or you can grab some of the individual files from the thread.

The Google Drive folder contains a series of modified images of various waifu weapons dressed down so that you can see their naughty bits. The folder continues to expand as new models and images are added to the ever-growing library of nude waifus from Girls’ Frontline.

As noted in the readme.txt, the nude mods are only compatible with the English version of the game, which ironically enough his actually more censored than the Chinese version of the game.

Also, the mods only work for the Android version, and they haven’t created a patch for iOS devices yet. So it’s Android or bust.

To install the nude mods, simply copy the files to the Androiddatacom.sunborn.girlsfrontline.enfilesAndroid folder.

Overwrite the files when prompted, and restart the app. Badda-boom, badda-bing, you now have a fully nude-modded Girls’ Frontline.

The mod also covers special events as well, including the lewd wedding girl, showcasing the girls in rather precariously clothing positions that leave little to the imagination.

You can play Girls’ Frontline right now with the new nude mod as a way to give a nice, big, middle finger to censorship.


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