Granzella Shows Off New Disaster Report 4 Trailer And PSVR Gameplay

Publisher and developer Granzella held a live stream not too long ago showing off what Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories has to offer gameplay wise. The upcoming game will launch for PS4 (and supports PSVR) on October 25th, 2018, in Japan. During the event, the devs made no mention of a Western release.

Firstly, we learn from the stream that a demo will be released through the PS Store sometime this July in Japan, so if you have a Japanese account and seek to test it or wish to see gameplay via YouTube this summer, you’ll be more than able to next month.

With that said, YouTuber Kira A features actual gameplay from the stream, which you can catch here in a near three-minute package.

The stream also graced those watching with PSVR gameplay, which, again, you can see right here thanks to another YouTuber AllGamesDelta.

According to a memo sent out last month, the game, obviously, progresses with a focus on the earthquake, but accompanying it are fires, hunger, thirst, a form of hygiene, mass panic, liquefaction, and much more.

Furthermore, the memo also notes that there are over 60 characters in the game, where each person has their own circumstances (story), and the protagonist will progress through the collapsing city while being involved with said number of people and their problems.

The month-old memo also touches on the protagonist during the July, 20XX, event and notes that you can change Yuuko’s name, gender, occupation at the start of the game (job searching / already working / student), and so on.

Lastly, while we wait for a North American and European release date, you can pre-order the game now via Amazon (Japan) and the Granzella Store, or you can watch the full Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories stream here that Granzella posted up on its YouTube channel.

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