Hellbound, 90s-Inspired Gory FPS Survival Mode Updated With New Features

Saibot Studios currently has Hellbound, a 1990s-inspired first-person shooter, in Early Access on Steam. Don’t worry, though, the Early Access run is free-to-play and grants you access to the game’s Survival Mode, where you battle in an arena against a horde of demons.

The mode was recently updated with a brand new feature called “Enemy Rage”. This gives certain enemies the ability to become bigger and stronger and faster as the Survival Mode progresses. This added level of difficulty will further challenge players to think outside the box and tighten up their tactics for taking down the hell spawn coming from all sides.

The update also introduces some more bug fixes and optimizations that the developers have implemented based on feedback and support from the Hellbound gaming community.

The Survival Mode went live as a free-to-play feature in Early Access on Steam back on May 9th, 2018. A trailer for the mode was released earlier than that, giving gamers a very brief look at the first-person shooter in action and all the gory contents that come along with it.

The gunplay reminds me a lot of the new 2016 edition of DOOM fused with a bit of Sgt. Mark IV’s Brutal Doom. You’ll have a handful of different powerful weapons at your disposal, including rifles, shotguns, chainguns and rocket launchers.

As showcased in the video, you can mutilate, destroy, maim, and tear enemies to pieces with both the melee and projectile-based weapons.

Saibot Studios is currently looking to get Hellbound crowdfunded through Kickstarter for $40,000, but it doesn’t look like the Argentina-based studio will make the cut, given that they’re 66% through funding but only have five days left on the Kickstarter campaign.

I think a lot of people have been burned too often and too frequently from crowdfunding campaigns to be willing to throw money at a project like that so soon, especially after the controversy that just recently took place with Agony, where the developers promised an uncensored version of the game but then had to walk it back when they couldn’t release the Adults Only version as intended due to a distribution contract.

Unlike Agony, however, Hellbound doesn’t look like it’ll be a victim of censorship (so far) and should release in full as Saibot intended. The full game is expected to release next year in the spring, assuming they reach their funding goal.

If you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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