Hi-Rez Brings Back Furia’s Sexy Outfit For Paladins 1.1 Update
Paladins Uncensored

After the community complained to the high heavens about the Furia censorship, and the social media feeds for Hi-Rez Studios became an embittered battleground of textual napalm and meme-filled potshots from the Twitter sniper nests, the developers realized that splitting their community like Moses split the Red Sea over the visibility of a woman’s thick, fleshy pair of thighs just wasn’t worth it… so they relented.

Hi-Rez walked back from their original stance by resurrecting the original design of Furia for Paladins. But they didn’t completely turn their back on the SJW crowd, as they are also keeping the conservative design, giving both camps what they desired.

The news came courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios’ community manager, Molly Joseph, who brokered a peace deal at the midnight hour of June 4th, 2018 between the SJW and anti-SJW camp, offering a white flag in the form of a screenshot of Furia in both her covered up and uncovered state.

Joseph revealed that in update 1.1, gamers who like their women thick will get to see all the fleshy thighs their monitor can muster, while those who prefer their angelic smite-bringers to be covered up from head to toe will also be able to choose between both skins, playing Furia either in her conservative state or in her sexy-time state.

This was a suggestion many moderate players parlayed for, hoping that the anti-SJW camp could still get to see all the juicy female thigh meat that their eyes could possibly desire, while all those on the SJW side who wear skirts down to their ankles and still think that Little House On The Prairie is too violent for anyone under the age of 10, can enjoy the more conservative look of Furia.

The furor kicked off back on June 1st when Hi-Rez originally capitulated to some complaints about the exposed thighs of Furia. The company was met with a resounding push back from the community who rejected the censorship.

After the sub-reddit for Paladins turned into the kind of battleground you would expect to see in the actual game, Hi-Rez decided to slightly walk back their stance on censoring Furia’s thighs.

It appears they decided to come to a middle ground compromise so that both camps can get what they want in update 1.1 for Paladins.

This is one of the rare moments where censorship was actually reversed. Some companies, like Nexon, decided to double down on their censorship for the game Hyper Universe to the point where it soured the community for months on end and spread lots of negative word of mouth throughout the MOBA community. Hi-Rez was at least quick enough to course-correct before things got too out of hand.

Paladins is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox one. You can join the game for free by visiting the official Paladins website.

Alternatively, if you want to show your support for Hi-Rez Studios still providing the sexy-time skin of Furia to the community, you can do so by tweeting at the Hi-Rez Studios Twitter account.

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