Instinct Visual Novel Has An Uncensored 18+ Patch That’s Free To Download
Instinct Uncensored Patch

Vnero Games and Tsunami Games’ Instinct came out at the end of May for Steam users. It launched onto Valve’s digital distribution service during the turbulent times of the suspected start of the waifu holocaust. Thankfully, Valve had second thoughts and the sexy-time games were spared. For those of you who purchased the all-ages version of Instinct on the Steam store, there’s an uncensored patch available for download to turn it into the adult’s only version.

The 18+ patch can be downloaded right now from the Drop Box page.

The uncensored patch is wrapped up nice and neat inside of a .rar file, and it clocks in at just under 100MB. Thankfully the moderate file size means you won’t have to sit there forever waiting for the patch to install.

Instinct - Lewd Maid

If you need a little help installing the patch, Steam Uncensored has the basic instructions to turn Instinct from the censored version into the uncensored version.

  1. As stated above, your first order of business will be to download the .rar patch.
  2. Once it’s nestled nice and neat on your hard drive, proceed to extract the images.rpa file.
  3. Copy the images.rpa file to the /steamapps/common/Instinct/game folder.
  4. If it asks you to overwrite the file, click on “Yes”.

Bam, your version of Instinct is now uncensored.

The visual novel from Vnero stars Ginger, a cat-girl who works at a pet store with her mistress, Evelyn. One day when Evelyn hires a weird new shop assistant named Christian, things turn topsy-turvy and Ginger wants to find out why Christian is actually at the pet shop.

The romantic visual novel has multiple endings, along with the option to form relationships with Christian or Ginger’s mistress, Evelyn. The uncensored patch changes those playful romances into some hardcore encounters that is sure to appeal to the baser instincts of most Steam users.

You can pick up a digital copy of Instinct from the Steam store for $4.99.


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