Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Completes Kickstarter Campaign, Free Demo Available
Iratus Lord of the Dead

Russian developer Unfrozen Studios managed to successfully get their rogue-like RPG, Iratus: Lord of the Dead funded on Kickstarter. The project only had a goal of $20,000, and the developers managed to reach that goal just before the crowdfunding drive came to an end, with a total of $23,316 by the time everything wrapped up.

The game is basically an imitation of Darkest Dungeon with a touch of Dungeon Keeper. You’re in control of Iratus, the lord of the dead, just like the product’s namesake. The game sees you attempting to have Iratus reclaim his throne over the dead by defeating and collecting the body parts of fallen heroes.

It’s kind of the reverse of games like Darkest Dungeon. Instead of taking heroes into dark dungeons to defeat Eldritch abominations, you’ll attempt to scale out of the dungeons to defeat adventuring heroes. Upon defeating the heroes, you’ll need to mutilate and rip apart their bodies, taking the fresh meat you’ll need to feed your minions or stitch-work some parts together to increase their power.

You’ll need to collect minions throughout your journey through the lower levels of the dungeon, progressing through the caverns and dank corridors as you make your way closer toward the surface.

Your goal is ultimately to build up an army of unstoppable undead warriors who can kill heroes with a snap of the finger (or a twist of the heart), and eventually take over the land of the living.

It’s a nice little role-reversal on the typical setup where you’re a bunch of hungry adventurers looking to dive deep into the horrors of the unknown and make a name for yourself while defeating some ancient evil. In this case you are the ancient evil looking to wipe the smiles off the faces of smug travelers.

The best part about it is that the game doesn’t shy away from blood and gore, and also has a nice heaving helping of bouncing boobs, too, which is a nice little addition to the gameplay. You’ll be able to upgrade your characters by collecting the items of fallen heroes, as well as mastering various forms of alchemy and necromancy.

Unfrozen Studios has plans on releasing Iratus: Lord of the Dead into closed beta testing by October, 2018. If you want to play-test the game for yourself ahead of the closed beta test, you can download the demo right now from the Kickstarter page.


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