Islands Of Nyne PS4, Xbox One Release Is on Define Human’s Roadmap

Before PUBG or Fortnite became popular, indie devs Define Human announced Islands of Nyne way back in 2016 on Steam Greenlight. The game seemed promising to fans in that it passed the voting phase on the now-defunct platform, and has garnered so much attention that the devs have a console roadmap outlined for the PC battle royale game.

Most battle royale games are branching out from PC onto other platforms recently. But before hitting the consoles, one of the many games in that genre aimed to hit PC on July 12th happens to be Define Human’s Islands of Nyne. If things go well enough, Define Human hopes to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One as well. Before skipping to the conversation that revolves around a console release, let’s take a look at how it all started.

Firstly, one of the devs behind the upcoming Sci-Fi battle royale game took up an interview with NVIDIA GeForce to explain what gamers can expect from Islands of Nyne:

“Islands of Nyne is a new Battle Royale-genre game coming from Define Human Studios. Beyond it’s lush graphical presentation, what separates it from others in its class is it’s competitive focus – coming from serious CS:GO and Halo players. On top of all that, Islands of Nyne is appropriately delivering NVIDIA Ansel and Shadowplay Highlights support!”

At the end of the above video, we can see different skins on the weapons. This prompted many fans to ask the devs on Twitter if there will be an inspect button, and there will be.

Seeing the activity of a dev on Twitter, fans took advantage of this situation and asked if there will be an Xbox One version of Islands of Nyne. Another user chimed in and said there won’t be an Xbox One version, which acted as bait and drew out the dev to reply that there is a console version on the team’s roadmap.

It’s unclear if we will see an Xbox One or PS4 version later on, but given details are planned to be shared means that folks should stay tuned.

If you’re not tired of the battle royale genre or wish to give another game like Islands of Nyne a shot, come July 12th on PC via Steam Early Access to see what it has to offer.


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