Last Of Us 2’s Boon Cotter Calls Gamers Embarrassing, Says They Don’t Make Games For Anti-SJWs

The Last of Us Part 2

[Update 6/17/2018:] It appears Boon Cotter has somewhat apologized in brief for his previous comments, claiming that he regrets making the statements that he did. He stated in a tweet that his anger muddied the message.

[Original article:] If you’re against social engineering (like the kind Facebook is funding with #SheTalksGames), pandering in games toward Social Justice Warriors, or tired of agitprop being made front and center in most AAA titles, then The Last of Us: Part II is not for you, according to Naughty Dog’s lighting artist, Boon Cotter.

The self-proclaimed homosexual staff member and developer of Naughty Dog posted a series of critical tweets aimed at anti-SJWs after a number of gamers, YouTubers, and critics felt that The Last of Us 2’s E3 showing was cringe-worthy and filled with Social Justice Warrior pandering. On June 15th, 2018, Cotter tweeted out the following message to anti-SJWs.

According to Cotter’s tweets, the Intersectional Inquisition and the SocJus Schutzstaffel aren’t actually holding the gun of Liberalism to the heads of developers; the developers themselves WANT to use their games as platforms for social engineering.

This means that developers are going out of their way not to cater to their core demographics, and are instead chasing after the phantom audience that has been on the receiving end of Left-wing media’s encomiums.

As noted by Twitter user ChazDragoon, Cotter doesn’t even consider himself a gamer by some standards.

Some people took issue with Cotter’s comments, claiming that the Naughty Dog developer was further widening the rift between designers and their audience. Cotter shot back that the criticisms were aimed squarely at the anti-SJW crowd, tweeting…

This isn’t the first time a developer from a major AAA studio turned toward acerbic grandstanding against their own audience. Neil Druckmann took a slightly alternate route by claiming that the more people pushed back against the company’s agenda, the more diversity they would add to the games.

Also, recently, Electronic Arts’ CCO, Patrick Soderlund, proclaimed that anyone who didn’t accept the alt-history revisionism of Battlefield V were uneducated and shouldn’t buy their game.

Star Wars fans have also been going through a similar kind of attack from the creators, with the novel authors Paul S. Kemp and Chuck Wendig going on Twitter screeds against fans who criticized Star Wars: The Last Jedi as being SJW propaganda.

No release date has been set yet for The Last of Us: Part II, but if Naughty Dog’s staff continues to attack gamers and bad mouth those who criticize the company for catering toward a tiny minority of the overall hardcore market demographic, then it may not bode well for the sales of the PS4 exclusive. We saw how well that worked out for a movie like the 2016 outing of Ghostbusters.

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