Loren The Amazon Princess Uncensored Patch Is Already Available In The Game
Loren The Amazon Princess Uncensored Patch

Winter Wolves’ Loren: The Amazon Princess came out way back in 2014 on Steam, and a lot of gamers who have been playing the game have wanted to play the uncensored version. Well, there
is a way to access the uncensored version of the game and you don’t even need a patch.

According to Uncensorpat.ch, you don’t need to download anything to turn Loren: The Amazon Princess visual novel into an uncensored sexy-time fest.

  1. All you have to do is open up the Steam client, go to the entry for Loren: The Amazon Princess, and click on properties. Click on the tab for the local files, and then click on browse local files.
  2. Go into the game folder and locate the file called “censored.txt”. Proceed to delete this file.
  3. Boot up the game and go into the options menu, and there’s going to be a new option called “Suggestive Contents”. Click to enable it.

With the option now enabled, you should see the alternative art for the game, where instead of cleavage, midriffs, and torsos being covered, they should be uncovered, as depicted in the image below.

Loren The Amazon Princess - Uncensored Successfully

The change will also affect the game’s character art and romance sequences. Instead of the characters being fully clothed during the sex scenes, you’ll now see them in their birthday suits.

Additionally, you’ll see a lot more butts, boobs, and general nudity throughout the game, which was previously censored out for the Steam release.

One of the more obvious changes is the lady with the green leaves covering her genitals and boobs – the leaves are barely there, only just moderately covering her private bits.

Loren The Amazon Princess - Poison Ivy

A lot of gamers had been wondering about the uncensored content for Loren The Amazon Princess, so for those of you who have had the game for all these years but didn’t know you could view the uncensored bits… well, now you can.

The game itself is actually an adventure visual novel. You play the guardian of the main character, Loren. She sets out on a quest to rescue her captured mother, and along the way she encounters friends and foes alike.

Unlike other visual novels players will actually get to choose their character’s personality and stats, and make choices to evolve both their own character and their companions.

The game also features tactical battle encounters, as well as plenty of romance and sexual encounters.

You can pick up a digital copy of Loren The Amazon Princess from over on the Steam store for $19.99.


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