Lust For Darkness Ending Explained
Lust For Darkness Ending Explained

We’ve had a couple of odd, sexually-charged horror games released this year, including Madmind Studios’ Agony and Movie Games Lunarium’s Lust For Darkness. Both games were crowdfunded and both deal with sexual horror, body modification, and Lovecraftian monsters.

In the case of Lust For Darkness, the game has a far more linear storyline and a much easier plot to follow than the game Agony, taking a lot of cues from the films The Necromnomicon, Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond, and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. For those who wanted a quick rundown of the events of the first-person horror tale, this article here will attempt to explain the ending.

Lust For Darkness - Amanda

The game starts with a married couple, Amanda and Jonathan, discussing someone who Amanda believes to be a potential stalker. She doesn’t think it’s that serious but Jonathan does. It turns out that Jonathan’s intuition was correct, except there’s nothing he can do about it because the stalker ends up kidnapping Amanda, taking her to his house and raping her. Amanda, however, enjoys the pleasures that the man brings, and ends up staying with him at the Royston Park Mansion.

It turns out that the man is Willard Yelverton, and he’s actually a leader of a sinister cult based around using sexual energy to connect with an extra-dimensional realm known as Lusst’Ghaa.

Lust For Darkness - The Cultists

A year after Amanda is taken hostage by Willard, she manages to write a secret letter to her husband Jonathan, inviting him to Willard’s mansion.

Jonathan disguises himself as one of the members of the “Cult of Ecstasy” and sneaks into the mansion, discovering that the cultists are engaged in a sexual ritual to open a portal to Lusst’Ghaa. The orgy works and a portal opens, sucking up many cultists into the extra-dimensional realm.

Lust For Darkness - Lusst'Ghaa Portal

Jonathan proceeds to go in and out of the portals, as different portals lead to different parts of the mansion. He attempts to follow the clues, learning that Amanda had been staying at the mansion as a willing sex slave to Willard.

He later discovers that Amanda was pregnant with their child, but Willard had the baby chemically aborted and impregnated Amanda with his own child; a cross-breed between a human and an offspring of Lusst-Ghaa.

Lust For Darkness - Willard's Baby

Jonathan becomes enraged after finding out that his baby had been aborted and that Amanda had given birth to Willard’s child instead. He continues through the mansion, dodging the cultists – who are regularly sacrificed by the demons of Lusst’Ghaa – as well as dodging the demons from the outer-realm in order to find Willard’s child and kill it.

However, when Jonathan does finally reach the baby in a crib-shaped altar at the heart of Lusst’Ghaa, Willard appears and battles Jonathan in a fight to the death. However, Jonathan manages to escape from Willard and unleashes Lusst’Ghaa’s cannibal sex demons on Willard, who proceed to eat and rape him.

Jonathan attempts to navigate his way out of the outer-realm and back toward the mansion, and finds the remaining cultists from the Cult of Ecstasy in a Lusst’Ghaa’s ecstasy machine, which is a horrid abomination of painful distortions that eternally copulate the cultists in a never ending cycle of sexually horrific mutilation.

Lust For Darkness - Ecstasy Machine

Jonathan manages to free himself from the realm by finding a portal back into the mansion that leads him toward the cell where Amanda is being kept. In a final showdown with Willard, the cult leader reveals that his plan is already complete, and he proceeds to kill himself… again.

Jonathan rescues Amanda from the cell where she confesses to him how broken she is and how much she enjoyed the things she did while under Willard’s spell. Nevertheless, the duo escape from the mansion and burn it to the ground.

A year later, Jonathan and Amanda have a child of their own. While putting the baby to sleep Jonathan heads downstairs and reads a note from Amanda that invites him to their bedroom for a “date night”. When Jonathan gets to the room, a portal to Lusst’Ghaa has been opened by Amanda, and it’s revealed that she’s become a sexual vessel of corruption.

Lust For Darkness - THOT of Corruption

TL;DR: Amanda and Jonathan are a married couple. Amanda is an artist with a penchant for sexual deviancy. One day she’s captured and raped by a man named Willard Yelverton, who is a leader of the Cult of Ecstasy, a group that believes the power of fornication can be used to fuel a bridge between the human realm and the demon sex realm of Lusst’Ghaa. Amanda gives birth to a demon baby, and Jonathan comes to her rescue. The cultists all die as part of a sacrifice to Lusst’Ghaa’s ecstasy machine, and Willard dies as well. Jonathan brings Amanda home and they later have a child of their own. However, Amanda’s lust for darkness is embedded into her soul and the game ends revealing that she’s able to open a portal to Lusst’Ghaa after having become a corrupted demon THOT.


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