Lust For Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough
Lust For Darkness Walkthrough

Movie Games Lunarium’s crowdfunded psychological horror game, Lust For Darkness, has launched on Steam for PC. The game combines a lot of elements from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut with Lovecraftian horror. For gamers interested in finding out how to get through the game, there is a gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a complete walkthrough posted up for Lust For Darkness, which you can check out below.

The game starts in a dark room after a short cinematic introduces players to Amanda. She’s married to Jonathan and fears slightly for her life after a bald man had been tailing her. She’s later kidnapped and brought to a sex dungeon.

Players awake as Amanda and must make their way through the dungeon, simply move through the dungeon and open the gates that are available for you to open. Head through the cellar and up the stairs into the room with the bed and the sex toys.

Once you head towards the bed a short cinematic will play and Amanda will be shown with the bald man while she’s nude on the bed.

One year later you’re playing as Amanda’s husband. He’s in their house.

You can walk around and explore the house – when you walk into the bathroom the phone will ring. Go answer the phone and the person will hang up. When you walk away the phone will ring again, go back and pick up the phone and it will cut off again.

Go around the house and explore the bedroom, and you’ll hear a knock on the door. Go back downstairs and there’s a letter on the floor, read it.

Lust For Darkness - Amanda

Once you finish reading the letter race upstairs and log onto the computer. You’ll search up the location of the mansion. Once you get the location head downstairs into the kitchen and the keys will be on the counter next to the plate by the side of the sink.

Take the keys and head to the car and the scene will switch after loading the Royston Park.

Exit the car and follow the pathway by the Royston Park sign.

Follow the pathway until you reach the mansion’s parking lot and hedge maze.

This here turns into a stealth segment. You’ll need to avoid the guards walking through the hedge garden.

Go to the left and wait for the first patrol to pass by and then move through the gazebo and out of the other side. Continue heading slightly to the northwest and you’ll encounter a letter, a mask and a box with a vest inside.

Put the vest on and then put the mask on.

Head back to the parking lot and there’s car by the wall with an open door. There’s a letter on the front seat, take it.

Head to the front door and talk to the cultist NPC. He’ll let you into the mansion.

Proceed up the stairs and talk to some of the NPCs. Head around the hall and toward the bedroom where you can open the door to Amanda’s room.

Search through her things, and examine the circular puzzle box on the nightstand. You’ll need to solve the puzzle by arranging the arrows in the proper order, as depicted in the image below:

Lust For Darkness - Puzzle Box

Once you get the new quest to find Amanda, exit through the next room and then proceed back into the main foyer. Witness the cultist orgy and then move around the balcony into the next room where there’s a penis-shaped vulva on the table and it’s raining outside.

Another short cinematic will play featuring a Lovecraftian eldritch monster outside.

Follow the portal to the pit where the dead bodies are located after exiting the library. The portal will take you to a new location after you interact with it.

There’s a narrow pathway you’ll need to follow through to the next area where there’s a tentacle lever on a podium. The door will open and you’ll need to follow the pathway to the next area, where there is an object on a stool next to some sort of erected device. You’ll find the three items located on the stools nearby.

Place them inside the device and then pick up the device once it’s completed.

You’ll need to align the puzzle to turn it into a key, as pictured below, where each piece of the puzzle fits into an empty slow on the turntable:

Head into the next room and put on the mask to create a vortex bridge to get to the next side.

Take the mask off before you go insane and then proceed into a room that seems like a dead-end. You’ll need to put the mask back on and it will reveal a red portal. Head through the portal between the two pillars and it will take you to a red place where a naked demon lady will stalk you.

You’ll need to sneak past the demon and head through the passageway toward the glowing white light.

Once you step through, it will reveal a mirror where you’ll meet Amanda, who will reveal that she was kidnapped and that she only stayed because she was pregnant.

You’ll have to make your way to the room with the crown symbol.

After the loading screen finishes, head down the steps and listen to the two cultists talking.

Once you finish listening to them, head into the store room and the door will lock.

Go over to the tool box and insert the numbers: 413

Take the strong magnet.

Use the magnet and place it on the door and then use it to move the lock on the door handle.

Exit the dining area and head back into the portal. Make your way around the tunnels toward the white glowing light.

The portal will lead you to the baby’s room.

Pick up the photo and look on the back of the portrait. There are keynotes on the paper as indicated below.

Look on the stroller and take the key from the sitting chair and proceed to exit the room.

Head through the hallways until you reach the room with the piano.

Go into the hidden room and read the abortion note.

A cinematic will play and the main character will get knocked out.

After waking up in Lusst’Ghaa, you’ll need to escape. Head to the end of the path on the right and put the mask on to go through the portal.

Follow the tunnels through the complex until you reach the door. When you open it a demon will be inside. You may have to run back through the portal.

You can either attempt to lure the demon out of the room or you can attempt to sneak past it as it walks around. Alternatively you can have it chase you and then you can run out of the room and then run around it and then proceed through the room that it’s blocking.

Proceed through the hall to a room with a puzzle door.

You’ll need to arrange the door so that all the pipes and symbols on the door match up with the surrounding wall.

The door should look like in the following image:

Lust For Darkness - Door Puzzle

Travel up the ramp in the next room and at the top activate the door. The eyes on the statue will glow and grant you access to the next location.

Move through to toward the console on the platform to draw the floating blood carrier to your location.

When you reach the other side, proceed up the steps and there will be a series of cylindrical puzzle tubes. Head up to the point where you pass a naked, dying cultist, and then turn around and head back down the steps and there will be an altar with a relic on it. It will give you a hint about the circular staircase and the symbols.

There are three cylinders.

The first cylinder should be the alien man.

The second cylinder should be the tree.

The third cylinder should be another alien man.

After you put in the three symbols proceed up the steps and at the top there’s a black hole. Walk through the hole to enter into the next level.

You’ll start in another cavern that will lead you toward a white-light portal. Step through it.

Once you get out of the portal you’ll end back up at the mansion.

You won’t have a mask so you’ll need to keep your distance from the cultists.

You’ll be able to observe a conversation between some cultists, who will leave the room once they finish talking.

Head through the door and out onto the veranda. Proceed to the opposite end of the walkway and go back inside the mansion. The room to your left will have a dead man inside the room on a chair with a mask on. Take the mask and put it on.

Head back outside to the courtyard and go into the door on the right near the two dead bodies.

There’s a letter on the desk you can read that explains more about Willard.

Go upstairs and look out on the balcony. A cutscene will trigger and Willard will be waltzing down the hallway naked toward you.

Run away from him and get to the elevator, press the button and it will call the elevator down. Hop inside, press the lever go up a level and then proceed into the portal.

Lust For Darkness - The Hallway

There’s a tentacle key just behind the console. Take the tentacle and place it into the console to open the door to the next room. Head through the hallway and put on the mask when you reach the purple console. A vortex bridge will appear.

Go across the bridge and there’s another tentacle console. Rotate the pathway so that it faces the opposite side and then put on the mask to travel across the bridge and into the next room.

There’s a console where you need to put a tentacle inside and then run around to the left and move around the corner to the right and then turn around and face the open doorway. Head inside and another cinematic will cue.

When the fight with Willard starts, run past him down the hallway and then put on the mask to close the chasm so you can cross.

Lead Willard into the room where there are four pillars. Get Williard to chase you between the four pillars so that he begins to chant with his magic.

His attack will cause the pillars to slowly crumble. Get him to destroy the pillars and then lead him closer to the door and have him perform his magic attack to break the door.

Run through the door and press the lever on the side of the hallway to open up the door that has another demon inside. Proceed to run into the next room away from the demon and during the cinematic Willard will be attacked by the naked demon chick, killed, and eaten by her.

Lust For Darkness - Escape From Lusst'Ghaa

Your next task is to escape from Lusst’Ghaa.

Use the mask and platforms to travel across the chasm and reach the other side.

When you reach the other side there’s a room on the right with a mask inside, take the mask and put it on to get past the demon.

Proceed into the orgy room and collect the four tentacles and then place them into the four slots around the door. Go inside and travel through the portal to head back into the mansion.

Head through the dining room toward the room with the staircase where the basement door is open, and it’ll load the next area where you’ll need to find Amanda.

Follow the cellar corridor to the cell where Amanda is located.

After the cinematic head past Willard’s dead body and get the key from the lockbox. Open the cell to rescue Amanda.

Two years later when Amanda is back at the home and they’ve had a new baby, Amanda says she setup a date night for the two of them. When you go back upstairs after following the candles you’ll open the door to realize a Lovecraftian portal is over the bed while Amanda is standing underneath it, naked.


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