Mandy Appears To Be The Most Outrageous, Badass, Fantastical Nicholas Cage Movie Yet

Mandy (2018) - Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage has made some real stinkers in his day, as well as some real bizarre flicks, too, such as Bringing out the Dead, Raising Arizona, and Mom & Dad. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened up the trailer for Panos Cosmatos’ unnervingly surreal, fantasy-drenched, horror gore-fest, but the thumbnail for the trailer absolutely did not prepare me for the kind of demented grandiloquence that is Mandy.

I’m not even sure how to describe this film; it’s like if Evil Dead and Hellraiser adopted a demon spawn from an orphanage ran by The Void and Antichrist, and then it grew up to become Mandy.

Even that description alone won’t prepare you for the mind-warping visual-assault that the trailer will bear down upon you like some sort of cinematic yoke of grotesque euphoria. You’ll find yourself cheering and screaming all at the same time in an orgy of neon colors and unspeakably fresh violence.

So let’s try to unpack some of this craziness.

XYZ Films and UMedia, along with Piccadilly Pictures and Son Capital have decided to give movie goers something completely off the chain here.

I have no idea if there’s any trustworthiness to the movie critics cited in the trailer who took a peek at this bizarre amalgamation of what an Emily Dickinson poem might look like if it were taken to a rave party hosted by a Molly-hocked Satan, but I can’t deny what I’ve seen for myself and what I’ve seen for myself in that trailer above looked fascinating.

Mandy - The Axe of Doom

So basically, some out-there cult leader takes to coveting Nicholas Cage’s woman, and decides to take her for himself, torturing Nicholas Cage in the process. Cage manages to survive the torture and cooks up his revenge plot after blacksmithing one of the most wicked axes I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Yes, this is essentially the plot of The Wraith if it were a two hour music video of neon-drenched black metal. It’s also very similar to Cage’s other supernatural action thriller, Drive Angry.

Mandy - Hell Riders

However, instead of being a drive-in style schlock-fest of a bygone era, Cosmatos decided to intermix surrealistic imagery with a supernatural twist to the typical revenge tale sub-genre.

I don’t know if Mandy is going to be any good or not, but hot dang was that trailer awesome. It’s definitely something any Nicholas Cage fan should keep an eye on, and if you’re into off-beat action-horror flicks like Hotel Inferno, Don’t Breathe, or Joe Begos’ Almost Human or The Mind’s Eye, you’ll probably also want to keep an eye on Mandy.

Mandy (2018)

You can look for the blood-soaked surrealism of Mandy to release this September in the U.S., and in October internationally.