Metal Reborn, Story-Driven Non-Linear FPS Heads To IndieGoGo In July

Metal Reborn

Argentinian development outfit, IO Game Studio, has a new title in works called Metal Reborn. It’s a story-driven, first-person shooter set in an open world with non-linear gameplay. The story centers around Earth being overrun by an ancient alien race known as the SARN, who devastate worlds and obliterate their inhabitants. Players take on the role of a Navy pilot named Demian who becomes the leader of a resistance coalition in an attempt to fight back against the SARN.

Metal Reborn takes place in an open-world environment, featuring 30 different missions, NPCs you can interact with, a number of standardized and sci-fi weapons, along with the ability to travel across three different biomes featuring outdoor areas and indoor facilities to explore.

A teaser trailer was released back in the spring, which you can check out below.

The weapons will span from melee, to futuristic to military varieties, giving you a variety of choices in how you take out the enemies.

There are also vehicles available for use as well, including tanks and helicopters.

In a way it sounds like an indie version of Crysis. There are definitely a lot of similarities in how the game is presented and the general plot, as well as some of the designs. It’s not a bad thing given that we don’t really get games like Crysis anymore that actually encourages players to utilize non-linear gameplay mechanics to complete missions or explore the world, except for maybe Far Cry… but those games are the most sterilized first-person shooters on the market.

Opposite of Crysis, Metal Reborn is being built on top of the Unreal Engine and not the CryEngine. The team is making use of some of the more advanced UE4 features, such as physically based rendering for light emissions, along with photometry for light casting in order to give the environments a more realized and natural look for the outdoor areas.

Metal Reborn is scheduled to enter into an IndieGoGo crowdfunding phase in July, and you can keep track of the development of the game by visiting the Facebook page.