Moss Leaps From PSVR To HTC Vive, Oculus Rift For PC Gamers
Moss VR

Polyarc announced that Moss is now available on Steam, the Oculus Store and the HTC Viveport for PC for $29.99. Moss came out earlier this year for the PlayStation 4, exclusively for the PlayStation VR. The game made barely a trickle in the pond of sales, but Polyarc looks to be expanding on the potential market breadth of their 3D VR adventure game by tapping into the much larger PC gaming community.

The game is an original story mirrored after fairy tales. It follows a moss named Quill who is guided by a mysterious force called the Reader. Players take control of the Reader and help guide Quill through the adventure, as well as engaging in combat. Moss separated itself from other VR titles out there by being a third-person, hack-and-slash, puzzle platformer. The player utilizes the DualShock controller to control Quill while using the PSVR headset to look at and highlight objects.

It sounded like a really confusing setup, but gamers seemed to acclimate to the controls easily enough. Obviously things will be slightly modified for Moss‘ setup on PC.

Polyarc didn’t take any reservations in making it known that the game appearing on PC was to broaden the scope of the market appeal for Moss and reach new players, with Tam Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Polyarc, stating in the press release…

“Our mission as a studio is to create games that maximize the potential VR has to transport players into our stories and worlds. Bringing Moss to these platforms allows us to introduce Quill and her world to more than a million new players,”

While the VR aspects are handled somewhat unique, I can’t help but feel like it purposefully goes out of its way to forgo traditional controls in order to accommodate the VR environment. What’s more is that I wonder how much better the graphics could have been, or how much more interactive the world could have become had it not been tethered to the restrictions of VR?

It’s quite a shame that the VR is a requirement to play Moss because there are already threads filling up over on the Steam forums with gamers readily exclaiming that they would be willing to plop down cash for a non-VR version of the game.

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of Moss from the Steam store for $29.99.


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