Must I Borrow an Oculus for Synth Riders?
Synth Riders

I don’t own a VR contraption.

There are days however when I wish I did and yet, of what use would it be? Simulation racing, certainly, but what about the rest of the week when I couldn’t be bothered? Borrowing one to try the odd VR release every now and then, perhaps, seems like the best alternative.

Many are the VR games I’d like to try, and few are those that I remember; as of this morning Synth Riders has captured my fickle interest and that’s only because Synthwave.

It’s a rhythm game available currently for the Oculus, and won’t disappoint the passing reader who once lamented of the 80s setting sun being used to death. Set to the tunes of various popular musicians whom I won’t pretend to know, Synth Riders renders each pulsating beat as an in-game 3D sphere of either the blue, pink or orange colors.

The retrowave aesthetic I mentioned rushes at you with great speed, while your job is that of striking the notes as per their hue – the blues may be hit with either hand, pinks with one and orange with both. A high-score is set after you’ve had a good workout across any of the easy, medium, hard and/or expert difficulties.

Not too shabby if you’re a fan of the genre, yeah? It’s likely however that you’d like the occasional target to shoot at mid-workout, in which case Retrowave VR’s prior release of Max VR would be a better option.

The goal being to fend waves of voxelated enemies to even more Synthwave across the Oculus, App and Play Stores. if you’re ultimately just looking for a freebie to add to your VR library, Magnatron 2.0 lets you take up arms of neon against cyberspace in an authentic music album by New Retro Wave Records.

Let me know if either are worth borrowing a VR device for, please?


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