My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Features Fully Destructible Environments, Vertical Combat
My Hero One's Justice

During this year’s E3 event Bandai Namco rolled out My Hero Academia: One’s Justice, a one-on-one fighting game based on the popular anime, My Hero Academia. The community and brand manager had a sitdown with IGN during the show floor showcase, and talked a little bit about the actual gameplay, some of the heroes you’ll be playing and some of the special quirks you can expect from the cast of characters.

The game had an E3 trailer that revealed that the upcoming game would be released on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The fighting game is due out this October for the home consoles and PC.

The trailer lays out the basic plot, focusing on the villains and how they want to take down the heroes.

The second half of the trailer focuses on the hero characters, and their various powers and abilities. The heroes don’t get half as much time as the villains, but the rest of the trailer outlines how you can customize and create your very own hero or villain by unlocking costume pieces, choosing accessories, their motto, and their voice, and then doing battle online against other players.

You can customize both male and female characters, as well as unlock new characters and features by playing through the main story mode.

During the IGN interview details on the actual fighting and story were unveiled. My Hero One’s Justice takes place later into the second season of the anime, so it follows the internship story arc and everything that happens after that. According to Bandai Namco’s PR team, they mention that while the story may move past the second season arc, by the time it releases in October most avid fans of the series will likely have been able to catch up so that the game won’t spoil too much for you.

My Hero One's Justice - Character Roster

You’ll be able to select from a total of 20 characters, some of whom you’ll need to unlock by playing through the game.

There’s a total of 15 different stages to choose from as well, and this is where things get interesting. The developers went through the actual painstaking process of making it where you can destroy everything in the environments.

The destructibility doesn’t really change much as far as the mechanics are concerned, but it’s a great visual element that changes the way you view the fight. Longer fights will see walls breaking down, ceilings crashing in, and entire floors breaking apart. This also opens the game up for some verticality, where players will be able to move up through multiple floors or fight in nearly six degrees of direction. You get to see some of it in action in the 15 minute demonstration below.

To help mix up some of the combat you’ll also be able to call in two support characters during the fight. The support characters can unleash a tag team move on your opponent for additional damage. So while it might look like you’ll have a three-on-three fight, in actuality it’s a one-on-one fight with each fighter having the ability to call in support from two additional characters who can perform a special move, not unlike the way the old Marvel vs Capcom games were setup.

The actual gameplay combat is similar to the Naruto Shippuden titles that Bandai Namco made, specifically the Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm games, where players will duke it out in arenas using basic combos and special moves to overcome opponents.

If you’re familiar with those games then you’ll likely be right at home with My Hero One’s Justice.

You can look for the 3D fighter to launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC starting this October.


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