NCOSE Screeches Fitfully About Valve Valuing Freedom Of Choice Over Censorship
House Party

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is an anti-porn organization. They’ve been around for many decades, originally known as Morality in Media back before changing their name and changing their tactics in recent years. They recently took credit for convincing Valve to enact the Waifu Holocaust on Steam. However, when Valve announced that they would not be censoring content or prohibiting games from being made available on the service at the whims of journalists and activists, NCOSE became incensed.

In post published on June 7th, 2018 titled “Videogame Company Welcomes Sexual Violence Games”, the Washington D.C.-based organization’s executive director, Dawn Hawkins, wrote…

“In our current #MeToo culture, Steam made a cowardly choice to shirk its corporate and social responsibility to remove sexually violent and exploitive videogames from its platform.


“There are currently over 1,000 games on Steam with nudity or sexual content, all of which are sexually objectifying, and a disturbing number of which are designed so the player rapes, sexually coerces, and commercially exploits women. In the past 2 years, thousands of individuals have asked Steam to remove these games through the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s campaigns. In May, Steam reached out to some small gaming developers to ask them to remove sexual content and received some pushback from the developers. Now it appears that the company is capitulating to the loud complaints of the few gamers who cannot enjoy videogames sans-sexploitation, instead of standing by its full right—and duty—as a private company to monitor and restrict the content it promotes.”

NCOSE has been on a vendetta against Steam since the summer of 2017, when they were alerted about the game House Party, which originally appeared on Steam uncensored after getting voted through to appear on the platform via Steam Greenlight.

NCOSE worked with various international groups to come down on Valve like a termagant, all in an attempt to get uncensored games on Steam removed. Valve capitulated by forcing developers to censor their games before being distributed on Steam.

That wasn’t enough, however. Valve was later pressured into prohibiting developers from distributing uncensored patches through the Steam update or forum page.

Recently, after gamers began abandoning Steam to make accounts over on, which opened up their own visual novel section, Valve opted to recant their authoritarian position and opt for a more user-controlled system where users get to filter in and filter out what games appear for them to purchase.

Many SJW activists in media journalism attacked Valve for choosing freedom of choice over privatized censorship, exposing that many journalists are indeed cultural Communists.

The oligarchical gatekeeping proposed by the journalists was turned down by Valve, and organizations like NCOSE have expressed fitful rage at Newell’s decision. Hawkings wrote…

“Gabe Newell, the President of Valve which owns Steam, has decided to respond to our climate of sexual harassment and abuse by profiting off of gamified sexual violence.”


“Companies across all industries—including Google, Hilton Worldwide, RevContent, and more—have made intentional strides to refrain from perpetuation sexually exploitive or degrading messages against women. Steam has taken the opposite approach, and has decided to give a green light to the sexually violent and degrading games on its platform.”

Those who value freedom of choice praised Valve for their new policies, which will focus on curation tools designed for users to employ as they see fit, filtering in or filtering out games they want to see or don’t want to see.

Obviously, authoritarian organizations and activists were displeased with the outcome, so expect them to mount some form of retaliation when possible either to undermine Valve’s efforts or attempt to find some way to keep gamers from enjoying unfettered access to purchasing the games they want to play.

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